Zoya ‘Hello Summer’ Collection 2022 – Swatches & Review

She’s getting there! She’s slowly catching up on the posts! I swear it’ll happen and I’ll be back on consistently posting again!! Just you wait!! It’s coming!

For today, let’s look at a new Zoya release, shall we?

This is the ‘Hello Summer’ release, and it features 6 previously released popular shades bundled up. On release Zoya also said “Infused with more color saturation and streak-less, full coverage application for the perfect summer kickoff!” – so I was also assuming they came with a new formulation at the release as well. Otherwise they haven’t fully said, but from that I’m still assuming they’re newer formulas.

They also just released another curated palette of previously popular shades called the ‘Summer Vibes’ bundle – those are more shimmery jewel-toned shades. So that means we have no actual new shades for their summer release – but of course if these are shades you’ve felt like you’ve missed out on previously or are new to Zoya it’s a good option, or a nice place to start with.

These are now available on the Zoya website individually! Let’s dive on into the swatches.

Now I hadn’t owned any of the previous version of these shades, so I cannot fully compare and see the differences in formulas. I’ll of course just be judging these on their own, BUT maybe with a little more scrutiny after saying they’re more pigmented and less streaky. I also used the wide brushes for these, so those can help out a formula and make it apply more smoothly, so keep that in mind! I do wish those were the norm at this point, as I feel like a majority just love the wider brushes.


So up first we have ‘Darcy’. This is a bright primary yellow cream base with the most subtle of silver micro-shimmer to it. I didn’t even realize there was shimmer in this until I put it onto my nails, so it definitely gets somewhat lost. It gives it more of a shine, but I do wish it was a touch more noticeable!

Now for the formula on this one. Unfortunately I didn’t love it. Especially having that eye on “infused with more color saturation” line, I was side eyeing this. I used 3 thin coats and it still felt a touch streaky on my ridged nails. At some point I realized I had the wide brushes, and switched them out and that helped a touch. I was absolutely struggling with this shade with their normal skinnier brushes – they added quite a lot of streaks to an already streaky formula.

Not my favorite, I was able to make it look good for the photo – but it definitely took some WORK. A miss for me.

Darcy – Live Swatch


Next up we have ‘Heidi’. This is a bright, coral orange-red. Riding the line right in between that red and orange, you could really call it either one. This one was pretty well opaque in 2 coats – though I did add a 3rd coat on a couple nails to brighten up the color even more and cover any last streaks. It does dry with a more satin finish – so those coats go by more quickly than a straight up cream finish.

Heidi – Live Swatch


Now this next shade is ‘Ali’. This is a bright almost coral neon pink shade, definitely my favorite of the bunch and the true summer shade! Another that was pretty well good in just 2 coats – again I did add a 3rd to fully brighten up the color and cover any last ridges peeking through, but for a neon with no white base I’ll take it! It’s in your face and smooth. And with it being a neon, it does dry with that more satin-matte finish, so a top coat will bring out the shine.

Ali – Live Swatch


‘Charimsa’ is a bright berry pink neon shade, a bright berry purple shade. Right in between a pink and a purple, I won’t argue for calling it either. Just like ‘Ali’ above, this was pretty well opaque in just 2 though I did add a 3rd to continue to brighten up the color – it’ll depend on your own preferences and application. It dries with the most “neon” finish, making it the most matte of the bunch – so the formula dries quickly and will need a top coat for shine.

Charisma – Live Swatch


Next up ‘Dory’ is a bright, cornflower blue cream shade. And this one had a stunning formula! Easy 2 coats and it was so smooth and lovely. No other comments needed here!

Dory – Live Swatch


And last but certainly not least we have ‘Ness’. Now this was a favorite just for this shade of green, it’s a medium cool-toned green that has almost a touch of minty-ness to it. It’s gorgeous, and more unique in my collection! Just like ‘Dory’ above, this had just a few patches on the 1st coat but was easily opaque in just 2. Another super smooth and lovely formula to end it on!

Ness – Live Swatch


And that’s the set! I didn’t have any of these shades previously, so I was glad to add them to my collection. Some didn’t have the greatest of formulas unfortunately – with ‘Darcy’ disappointing me the most, but the other cream formulas were lovely. And we had some neons in there that would be so nice for the sunny weather!

Are you interested in any of these shades?


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2 thoughts on “Zoya ‘Hello Summer’ Collection 2022 – Swatches & Review

  1. Charisma and Dory are total grabby hands.

    I happen to like the satin matte look of Charisma, so I’d probably switch off wearing it with my FrankenSatin top coat (half-matte, half-gloss mixed together) versus my usual top coat, to get both looks. Have a feeling gloss will make that amazing color pop even more.

    Zoya always makes great blues, and Dory is no exception. Very pretty and feminine, perfect for summer or spring, or fighting the blahs during the cooler seasons.

    Ali is a good color, but looks clumpy/patchy to me. Might be my monitor, though. Too many other companies have that color in a formula I trust to risk the purchase here.

    The rest simply aren’t my cuppa. Darcy looks like an exact dupe of Orly’s Claim to Fame, and I’m not wild about that one as it is. Having two of them won’t happen.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m not mad at the satin finish either! It gives such a soft look the nails, even with such a bright color. And Dory is a gorgeous blue cream that I’m excited to have in my collection.

      And true, I believe had a touch of unevenness that you can get with neons like that! Of course more noticeable when I’m zoomed in with a camera and bright lights – but I have to agree at this point there are other brands that I like the neon formulas of more!

      And that’s why I’m here to swatch them up so people can pick and choose! I definitely got sooo many yellows in various collections this year, truly one of the colors of the year.


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