Zoya ‘Hello Summer’ Collection 2022 – Swatches & Review

She’s getting there! She’s slowly catching up on the posts! I swear it’ll happen and I’ll be back on consistently posting again!! Just you wait!! It’s coming!

For today, let’s look at a new Zoya release, shall we?

This is the ‘Hello Summer’ release, and it features 6 previously released popular shades bundled up. On release Zoya also said “Infused with more color saturation and streak-less, full coverage application for the perfect summer kickoff!” – so I was also assuming they came with a new formulation at the release as well. Otherwise they haven’t fully said, but from that I’m still assuming they’re newer formulas.

They also just released another curated palette of previously popular shades called the ‘Summer Vibes’ bundle – those are more shimmery jewel-toned shades. So that means we have no actual new shades for their summer release – but of course if these are shades you’ve felt like you’ve missed out on previously or are new to Zoya it’s a good option, or a nice place to start with.

These are now available on the Zoya website individually! Let’s dive on into the swatches.

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