Nails Inc x Velveeta ‘La Dolce Velveeta’ Duo – Swatches & Review

YES I BOUGHT THE CHEESE POLISH. Yes, you’re seeing the photos correctly, you’re reading all of these words correctly.If you haven’t seen the announcement, Nails Inc collaborated with Velveeta. A cheese product. So let’s discuss.

Now what is Velveeta? It’s so hard to describe to someone who’s never heard of it or tried it. It’s described as a “processed cheese product” and it comes in this brick and it’s kind of jiggly and it’s definitely somewhat cheesy but also just interesting. Just a cheese log basically. It’s kind of creamy, you can feel the processing, but it wasn’t horrible.

As a Midwestern kid who was raised on Velveeta just melted on every vegetable, (listen I would eat straight up slices of this bad boy too, it was the culture, the lifestyle) I had to get this duo. A Velveeta expert had to weigh in here.

So yes Nails Inc decided this was the next collaboration and listen, I’m not mad. I love a bizarre, off the wall collab. And clearly this was to get people talking and it WORKED. This is still my most viewed Instagram story and one of my most liked photos. The people were interested. Especially when they heard it was promised to be cheese scented. We were all ready for the true review, someone had to do it for the people.

This comes in their standard duo packaging, featuring of course 2 polishes. It features the Velveeta logo across both the packaging and the bottle, with a cheese dripping graphic on the caps. It’s gorgeous all around, incredible so far. And it’s still in stock on the Nails Inc website for $15.


So of course the star of this duo is ‘La Dolce Velveeta’, the cheese colored polish. It’s a bright yellow, orange-toned shade, perfect for cheese. Now of course, as the Velveeta expert, I will say actual Velveeta is definitely paler and less orange-toned than this, but overall I give it to them for truly evoking Cheese on the nails. And this was an easy 2 coat formula – maybe 3 coats if you’re doing thinner ones and you have longer nails, but of course this is the part we care least about.

I know you’re just wondering, what about the scent? I’ll give it to them again, there’s some definite cheesiness to it. But there’s also something slightly sweet and fruity to it as well? As it dried you get more cheese, but it’s strange overall. And yes, it lasts about a day – it’s not wildly overpowering but you’ll be smelling your nails if your fingers are close to your face. It’s weird, yes, but I’m sure cheese scent is hard and listen, it’s all just silly and goofy and I’m here for them trying. I’m here to have FUN with my polish.

La Dolce Velveeta – Live Swatch


Now we have the less exciting of the bunch but surprisingly gorgeous shade. This is ‘Finger Food’ and it’s a bright almost coral toned red cream shade to match the color of the Velveeta logo. Another easy 2 coat formula here! Would actually love to wear this for the summer, as long as I can’t smell the cheese.

Again, the cheese scent – it’s definitely more cheesy than the yellow above, but still with those weird fruity undertones to it.

Finger Food – Live Swatch


And that’s the duo! Listen, is it strange? Of course. But do I love it? YES. I told you I love weird shades and collaborations and a theme. I’ll take all of the food-scented polishes, give me the weird collaborations, I’ll take them all. Like I said it’s all just in fun and it’s silly and just hilarious.

Would you buy these?


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2 thoughts on “Nails Inc x Velveeta ‘La Dolce Velveeta’ Duo – Swatches & Review

  1. OMG LOL This is the very last collab I ever expected.

    The idea is super funny, but no. I usually like Nails Inc polishes, but both of these colors are on my radioactive list. They would make my hands look like death warmed over.

    Thanks for the laugh, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Overall I couldn’t stop laughing with everything with this collection, I just took it as so much fun and was here for a brand goofing around. These are definitely alll for collection sake and I’m glad I could bring some entertainment over! 😂😂😂


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