Sinful Colors ‘Fresh Squeeze’ Collection – Swatches & Review

Sinful Colors will always be the brand I built my blog on, the brand who was always there for me with their low prices when I was just a college student on a college student nail budget. I’ll always have a great love for them, and for whatever they continue to put out!

And I love their food themed polishes. They just know how to really commit to a bit, and just really nail (I’m sorry) the look of whatever theme they’re going for. So when I saw previews and sneak peeks of this newest set, I just had to get it. Who doesn’t love a fruit themed shade?

This is the ‘Fresh Squeeze’ collection, and as noted above, we have 6 fruit themed shades. There are 5 full color bottles, with one more nail care shade in there. It’s called ‘Glowing’ and it’s a clear nail brightener – I didn’t grab that one, but I did grab the other 4 available in the US now. I talk about it at the end of the post as well, but there’s a 5th peach shade that was promised to come to the US this summer as well, but we haven’t seen it, and it’s enough to get these 4 reviewed.

These are available in Target stores as well as online at Target’s website! They’re just as affordable as ever, being just $2.99 a bottle, I just love that so much. They’re just so gorgeous and fun so let’s dive on into them already!


These 4 shades all have a more speckled appearance to them, with a more squishy jelly/crelly base with small little pieces scattered all throughout.


This first one is ‘Snatched Strawberry’, and it’s a bright coral-pink jelly base with scattered white pieces all throughout. This is 1 of 2 with those white speckles – and I do prefer the black speckled polishes more. This one just looks like more of a weird texture on the nails, though I do get it’s trying to mimic the appearance of strawberry seeds.

For this swatch I used 3 thin coats, so these are meant to be a more sheer formula – to let the little speckles show through and layer up. I still had a touch of nail line visible after those 3 coats, so it’ll depend on your own preferences here! This one dries with a matte finish, so a top coat can be added for a nice shiny and squishy look.

Snatched Strawberry – Live Swatch


Next up we have the fan favorite of the bunch, and for good reason. Although I do have beef with the name. This is ‘Lime Light’ and it’s a warm-toned lighter green jelly base with scattered black speckles. Now can you see see my beef with this polish? This is called Lime Light, but it’s the perfect kiwi polish!! Why didn’t we go full into the kiwi theme! Limes don’t have speckles like this! I will never stop wondering about the choices made here!!

ANYWAYS, to the formula. Again it has that more sheer jelly base, to allow those speckles to show through. This one was more pigmented than the one above, so with those 3 coats my nail line was pretty well covered – as always it’ll depend on your own application and nails! It also dries with that more satin matte finish, so a top coat will bring out the shine and really sell that kiwi finish.

Lime Light – Live Swatch


Continuing right along we have ‘Berry Crush’. It’s just like ‘Lime Light’ above, with those scattered black speckles all throughout, just in a rich medium toned pink base instead.

Again similar to the other shades where it has more of a crelly, yet more sheer base for the speckles to show through. I built it up in 3 thin coats and it was pretty well opaque. You can see the TEENIEST amount of nail line on my middle nail – so if you have longer nails or more visible nail tips, it might be more visible so keep that in mind! Again, more of a satin matte finish, and a coat of top coat can bring back the shine.

Berry Crush – Live Swatch


And last up we have ‘Blueberry Smash’. You know the drill, that same speckled black finish, but this time in this deeper blue, almost purple, blurple base.

Broken record here – a more sheer crelly base to allow the speckles to show through, I built it up in 3 thin coats and this was pretty much opaque because of the deeper color. A satin matte finish, so a good coat of top coat will bring out the shine again.

Blueberry Smash – Live Swatch


As mentioned, there is a 5th smoothie shade called ‘Peach Riot’. It was originally supposed to reach the US in July, but unfortunately we haven’t seen it yet, and there doesn’t seem to be any moment for it coming. It’s just like ‘Snatched Strawberry’ with the white scattered pieces all throughout in a creamiscle orange base. The Polished Berry on Instagram swatched it yet, so definitely check out Melissa’s swatches! (At this point I don’t even know if we’ll ever get it – I will say I don’t love these region exclusive shades that we don’t get more information on).


And that’s the collection! I do always love Sinful Colors different themes and unique releases! I think they nailed this one with the more fruit stand theme, and the black speckled polishes were gorgeous and I could really use them in every single color ever. Now I know fruits aren’t every color but just GIMME MORE OKAY. Obviously I didn’t love ‘Snatched Strawberry’ as much, just with those white speckles all throughout – I just didn’t love the look and finish. Nothing wrong with the formula, it’s just a particular finish and personal taste.

As mentioned these are available at Target and on their website! Are you interested in picking any up?


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