Essie Summer 2022 Collection – Swatches & Review

Yes, yes, once again here’s my same spiel about sorry for disappearing and not posting for so long and I’m looking to get back into more of a routine because I’m missing this blog. But it’s TRUE. I do miss this blog and I feel guilty when I see I posted nothing in a month! THAT’S MY BAD. Sure, Instagram will always be my main platform – but this blog will always provide things that Instagram cannot. Like being able to search and pull up any collection post and swatch, and have it as a reference. My blog is still continuing to pull in views, so clearly it’s still helpful to all of y’all, and because of that I’ll be posting. So don’t worry, no matter how sporadic I get at times, I’ll always come back.

But WHEW I’m BEHIND on the summer collections and posts here! I posted up some and just never posted others WHOOPS. If I’m truly looking to continue to be a resource in the nail world here, it’s about time I finished these on up, huh? So let’s talk about the Essie Summer 2022 collection! I swear the next ones will be more season appropriate. (So funny to say as I know we’re still smack dab in the middle of the summer but the nail world moves fast, we’re already getting previews of fall collections).

This is their typical 6 bottle release, and it features 5 bright cream shades and one super interesting shimmer! I actually bought this from as they have the shades for a more discounted price! My new Essie supplier really. They’re also available from Ulta – but for full price.

So you’ve been waiting long enough for this one already, let’s dive right into the swatches!


Starting right out with ‘Coconuts for You’, a medium peachy-orange cream shade. It’s pulling warm here on me, but I’ll say there are some definite pink tones to it. And this has a gorgeous formula as you’ll see in the video! Basically opaque in just 1 coat – I did 2 as is my routine – and it was so smooth and easy to work with.

Coconuts for You – Live Swatch


Next up we have this BRIGHT shade, the most summery shade of the whole bunch. This is ‘Isle See You Later’, a warm toned fuchsia pink cream shade. This had another gorgeous formula – another that was almost opaque in just 1 coat. I did 2 and it glided on like butter.

Isle See You Later – Live Swatch


Next up we have ‘Revenge’s a Beach’. And this is a rich and saturated blue cream, with some definite green undertones to it pulling it from a straight up blue. Again, y’all know the drill – another super pigmented and opaque formula, basically just 1 coat.

But the one drawback, this one is MESSY upon removal. I had some Smurf fingers after I did my swatch, and it was a lot of acetone and cotton balls used to get my fingers ready for the next swatch. So for this one I definitely recommend placing the cotton ball on the nail, letting it sit, and then pulling it down instead of twisting. I cannot talk about the staining as I only had it on for a quick swatch – but with shades like this I recommend a base coat!

Revenge’s a Beach – Live Swatch


Now OF COURSE this was my favorite shade, you know I love a weird shade and this one is a strange little green, what more could I want? The one shimmer of the bunch.

This is ‘Tropic Low’ and it’s a bright yellow-toned, almost olive green? Maybe some gold in there? It’s quite an interesting color all around, words I love to hear. This formula was a touch more sheer, as it almost felt like a fine shimmer in a clear base. I built this up in 3 thin coats – it looked pretty well opaque in just 2 coats, but at certain angles I still felt like I had some patches. But it’ll depend on your own application and preferences!

Tropic Low – Live Swatch


Now back to the creams, we have ‘Break it Sundown’. This is a lovely bright yellow cream shade with some orange undertones. Like a nice Kraft macaroni cheese dust shade. You know what I’m talking about. But there’s been so many of these more orangey yellows released this year, it’s the yellow of the moment!

It had a streaky 1st coat – which I always expect with yellow formulas at this point. It’s the 2nd coat that really makes it count, and this one passed the test. Fully opaque in just 2 coats here. I added a 3rd on a couple nails because of my super ridged nails – but most people will be good with just 2!

Break it Sundown – Live Swatch


And last, but certainly not least we have ‘Set the Tiki Bar High’, and lemme tell you, it definitely does. This is a rich, saturated medium warm-toned purple cream shade, and it’s another bold nail look! And another STUNNING formula – basically opaque in 1 coat, I did 2 as is my routine, you know the drill.

Set the Tiki Bar High – Live Swatch


And that’s the collection! Honestly I really enjoyed this release! It was a fun color palette – featuring some non-traditional colors and something different for the summer. And these all had fantastic formulas – with half being opaque in just 1 coat. ‘Tropic Low’ was the main one I was using 3 coats for, but it dried quickly, and I didn’t mind an extra coat for that shimmer and glow.

Do any of these colors spark your interest?


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2 thoughts on “Essie Summer 2022 Collection – Swatches & Review

  1. I ended up getting Tropic Low because, well…

    I’m not sure why. But I had to have it. And I love it. It’s the craziest color–not gold not green not yellow.

    It’s its own thing with sparkly.

    Sort of like me.

    Liked by 1 person

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