What’s Up Nails ‘Gust of Wind’ Collection + Polish & Beauty Expo Exclusive – Swatches & Review


You know when your boyfriend is gone for an entire week and you’re like “I’m going to be so productive, I’m going to catch up on blog posts and get so many up!” and then you sit watching satisfying cleaning videos for hours every night instead? Just me, oh okay. But look, CRAIG, I got ONE UP, thats productivity, baby. I’m so proud of me, time to reward myself with more videos.

But actually, let’s look at some polishes today, shall we? That’s what we’re all here for. So today we’re looking at another release from Whats Up Nails! I had previously reviewed their Geodes collection, so I was so excited to be able to review this next release for y’all! Whats Up Nails – or Whats Up Beauty is a whole site selling a variety of brands of indie polishes – as well as featuring tons of nail art supplies, as well as their own line of polishes!

This is the ‘Gust of Wind’ collection and it features 6 polishes. These are available now on their website for purchase! It features 4 shimmers, 1 magnetic shade and 1 reflective glitter. At the very end of the post I also featured their Polish & Beauty Expo exclusive shade (that’s no longer just exclusive to the Expo).

We’ve got some GORGEOUS shades so let’s dive right in!

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Glam Polish ‘Charmed’ Collection Shades – Swatches & Review


We have a new-to-me brand on the blog today! Glam Polish was so kind to reach out and see if I wanted to try out some of their polishes and I said yes! PR is great as it allows me to try out brands that might not have originally been on my radar – mainly due to budgeting. I can’t buy every single polish myself (and I already buy so many), so I fully appreciate being sent some shades to test out and give my thoughts on.

And as always, I give my same PR spiel to these brands before accepting – just because I was gifted these, I had no obligations to post, and I never promise positive reviews. I review them just the same as I would if I had bought them myself and to the same standards. It’s always my honest thoughts, and I would never give that up for you all!

Alright spiel over – let’s talk about these shades! These are from their collection inspired by the show Charmed. There are 10 shades total, and I have 5 of them here to show. You can purchase them off the Glam Polish website for $12.50 each.

Now I’ll admit, I’ve never watched Charmed (please forgive me) so I won’t know the full references of the names or how well they “fit”. But I can always just saw how they perform and how they look to me. Let’s get into the polishes!


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