Glam Polish ‘Charmed’ Collection Shades – Swatches & Review


We have a new-to-me brand on the blog today! Glam Polish was so kind to reach out and see if I wanted to try out some of their polishes and I said yes! PR is great as it allows me to try out brands that might not have originally been on my radar – mainly due to budgeting. I can’t buy every single polish myself (and I already buy so many), so I fully appreciate being sent some shades to test out and give my thoughts on.

And as always, I give my same PR spiel to these brands before accepting – just because I was gifted these, I had no obligations to post, and I never promise positive reviews. I review them just the same as I would if I had bought them myself and to the same standards. It’s always my honest thoughts, and I would never give that up for you all!

Alright spiel over – let’s talk about these shades! These are from their collection inspired by the show Charmed. There are 10 shades total, and I have 5 of them here to show. You can purchase them off the Glam Polish website for $12.50 each.

Now I’ll admit, I’ve never watched Charmed (please forgive me) so I won’t know the full references of the names or how well they “fit”. But I can always just saw how they perform and how they look to me. Let’s get into the polishes!


These are hand-mixed from the brand, so they say the batches can vary just a touch, and the pigments and glitters can sink so shake well beforehand. But overall, these are the shades you’ll get – they won’t vary THAT much that these swatches would be incorrect. And since these are indie polishes, you’re getting a whole lot more than a traditional cream. We have a lot of glitter and shifts and sparkle going on in these lovelies.


First up we have ‘The Charmed Ones’. This is a warm-toned silver holographic base with larger purple flakes and red glitter pieces all throughout. This was an easy two coats to opaque, and easy to paint on.

Because of all of the glitter and flakey pieces, they do dry a touch bumpy, but none of the pieces stick up where they’ll get caught on anything. And a coat of top coat will fully smooth it out.

The Charmed Ones – Live Swatch


‘It’s Your Damn Fairytale’ is a clear base with a strong shimmer that shifts from a bright lime green to a yellow gold. It also has various pieces and colors of hexagon glitter all throughout it, lots going on!

This is built up in 3 coats, so it’ll be one of those that can look more sheer in some angle, and then has that bright green shimmer in other angles. You could also use one coat over other darker bases as a topper. Either way it’s just a fun look!

It’s Your Damn Fairytale – Live Swatch


Next up we have a longer and longer name, surprised it fit on the little sticker really, I’m impressed. This is ‘Every Cinderella Needs a Fairy Godmother’. This is a lilac purple holographic base with lots of pink iridescent flakes, and larger black glitter pieces. Again, an easy two coats and it was fully opaque on my nails. Another super fun look!

Every Cinderella Needs a Fairy Godmother – Live Swatch


Continuing right along we have ‘Vanquish Demon First, Kill Husband Later’ (sounds like a great Saturday to me). This is a deep red base with red and gold shimmer all throughout, as well as various sizes of larger white glitter pieces. Again pretty well opaque in 2 coats here – though I did notice the color continue to deepen up with a 3rd coat. So it’ll depend on your application and preferences.

Vanquish Demon First, Kill Husband Later – Live Swatch


And coming in with the longest name of all, we have ‘In This Night and In This House, I Call Upon the Ancient Power’. Whew! A mouthful. 😂

Anyways, this is a deep purple base with a bright green shimmer to it and then those same various sized white glitter pieces. Again, another easy 2 coat formula here! This one you can see how green it looks in these photos, and then how purple it is in the swatch video! Such a shifty polish.

In This Night and In This Hour, I Call Upon the Ancient Power – Live Swatch


And those are the shades I have to show you today! Like I mentioned above, there are 5 other polishes releasing in this collection, and they’re all available now!


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