Glam Polish ‘Pastel Galaxy’ Collection – Swatches & Review


Another month, another Glam Polish release here! Listen, they’re just making sure your every single polish want ever is covered. And I’m here to swatch up some shades so you can narrow on down that cart. (Unless you’re financially able and want to buy every collection, then who am I to stop you). We’re here together, let’s look at some pretty polishes.

Today’s collection is the ‘Pastel Galaxy’ set. It features 6 polishes in a range of soft and delicate crelly bases, aka the “pastel”. We have some orchid pinks, some mint greens, and lovely lilac purples, as well as others that compliment oh so well. They’re also all filled with holographic shimmer as well as scattered holographic hexagon glitters which gives us the “galaxy” part.

As always these are available on the Glam Polish website, both in a little bundle and individually! Enough talking, let’s get on into the swatches!


I found these all to be the same finish and formula in different colors, so I’ll quick go over it here, and note any other specific differences under each individual shade! Anyways, these are all a more crelly base (squishier than a regular cream, but more pigmented than a true jelly) filled with that holographic shimmer as well as larger silver holographic hexagon pieces. They’re so sparkly, and that crelly base allows the shimmer and sparkle to layer up so nicely, and I loved the finish.

Since they are a crelly base, they are more sheer than a normal cream – but again, that sheerness allows the shimmer and glitter to peek through on coats for a more dimensional look. I was able to build these all up with 3 thin coats. Now I am staring at them under bright lights, and very close up, so with your own application and preferences, you could be set with just 2 as well. I’ve noticed the Glam formula always dries more quickly, so those 3 coats go by easily. Overall smooth to paint on, and I had no complaints, especially for that finish! Alright, onto the individual colors now.


We’re starting right out with the 2 pink shades! This first one is ‘Andromeda’, and it’s the deeper, more cool-toned of the 2. This one has tones of orchid to that base color, filled with that holographic shimmer and scattered holographic hexagon glitters.

As mentioned above, this was a touch more sheer, and was 3 thin coats to fully build up the base.

Andromeda – Live Swatch


Our 2nd pink is ‘Celestial’. This one is much more peachy and warm toned than the previous one, and runs a touch lighter as well. It has that same holographic shimmer and larger holographic glitters.

If you’re using thicker coats with this one, especially with smoother nails, you might be set with just 2 coats. Otherwise 3 thin coats fully covers the nail.

Celestial – Live Swatch


‘Milky Way’ is a lovely mint green crelly base. It has some blue tones to it, almost pulling it over to the turquoise side, and I loved this shade of green.

Again, you could be set with 2 thicker coats, or 3 thin coats will fully cover.

Milky Way – Live Swatch


This next shade does look similar to the one above, since it does have some green tones, but it does have much more blue to it. This is ‘Cosmos’ and it’s a lighter aqua blue crelly base with the same shimmer.

Just like the others, 2 thicker coats or 3 thinner ones will get you to full opacity.

Cosmos – Live Swatch


‘Constellation’ is a cool-toned periwinkle blue base. Definitely starting to lean into the purple side of blue with this base, with the same shimmer all throughout.

And y’all know the drill, 2 thicker coats or 3 thinner ones to full opacity.

Constellation – Live Swatch


And last up, we have ‘Nebula’. This is a warm toned lilac purple shade, with some pink tones to it, again with that same shimmer and glitter.

Of course, finishing it out, 2 thicker coats or 3 thinner ones will get you full coverage.

Nebula – Live Swatch


And that’s the collection! I always love when we explore a color range in a specific finish, and we’ve got that here with these 6 pastel shades. I love the shimmer and sparkle in this set – I’m always here for glitter – and how they layer up with those crelly bases. Of course, they’re more sheer and do require more coats to build up, but I found the formula easy to work with and quick drying. But as always it’ll depend on your own preferences!

Are you interested in these shades?


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PR Disclosure: Though the shades in this post were sent to me, I was under no obligation to post from the brand. I never guarantee positive reviews, and all thoughts and opinions are my own. I review these shades thoroughly and in the same manner as I would with any polishes purchased with my own money.


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