Glam Polish ‘Cutest Crellies’ Collection (5 Shades) – Swatches & Review


It’s another month, and another Glam Polish release! Yes they release a lot of polishes, there’s always a lot to talk about, I’m glad I can at least show you some swatches to help you out with some decisions here. Your Glam Polish guide (for 5 of the shades). So let’s just talk about this one already!

This newest release is the ‘Cutest Crellies’ collection and it features 10 new crelly shades, all inspired by classic cartoons. We have squishy bases filled with various colors of glitter mixes all with cute names based off of quotes or iconic lines from classic cartoons.

If y’all aren’t familiar with a crelly formula – it’s right in between a cream and a jelly formula (cream + jelly = crelly). So they’re going to be more sheer, especially to allow pieces in the formula to layer and build up and peek through and create this dimensional look! Overall it’s about building up the base color, but there’s enough pigment to that base that it will build up to full opacity, rather than the squishy look of a true jelly.

As mentioned I have 5 of the new 10 shades to swatch up for you today! These are all available on the Glam Polish website. Let’s get on into the swatches!


First up we have ‘I Can’t Help It If I’m Cute!”. Like I said before, all of these polishes are named and inspired by various classic cartoons, and this first one (I believe from googling) is inspired by The Animaniacs! This one is one of a few white crelly bases we have in the set, with this one having various sizes of matte pink and black glitters all throughout.

Also as mentioned, since it’s a crelly, it’s a more sheer formula and just about building the base up. I was able to do that with 3 thin coats and it fully covers and is opaque on the nails. For larger glitters like this, I always just swipe my brush on the nails a couple times per coat to deposit the little glitters and smooth them around. But otherwise the glitters pick up easily from the bottle, and you don’t need to fish around for them. As you can see I got plenty from just the 3 coats and it gives such a fun little speckled look!

I Can’t Help It If I’m Cute! – Live Swatch


Next up is ‘Life is Like a Hurricane’, and this one is inspired by Duck Tales. It’s another white base with some red, green, and blue pieces for Huey, Dewie, and Louie, and some gold coin pieces for Scrooge.

And it swatches up just like the previous shade: a little more sheer to allow those pieces to layer and build up on each other, but is fully opaque with 3 thin coats. Again, I swiped a few times on each nail to drop those pieces off the brush and push them around, but otherwise they pick up easily from the bottle.

Life is Like a Hurricane – Live Swatch


Now we’re moving off of the white bases, and into the fun pastel colored bases! This one is ‘Here and There and Everywhere’ and my comments told me this is could be inspired by the Gummi Bears show – pls let me know if that’s right, that was before my 28 year old time. ANYWAYS, this is a brighter, lime green crelly base filled with all sorts of different sized purple metallic shards.

Y’all know the drill: it’s a touch more sheer for those pieces but builds up to fully opaque with 3 thin coats. I just love this base color so much, I’m a sucker for any sort of green.

Here and There and Everywhere – Live Swatch


We continue right along in rainbow order, and we’re looking at ‘Oh Goody, Goody, Gosh!’. This one is inspired by Care Bears, and listen, that took me BACK. I had a Care Bear and when you pressed its stomach it said “I’m Wish Bear!”. Anyone else have those? Okay yes, anyways, the polish. This is a light sky blue base filled with various sized glitters in such fun, whimsical little colors like pink, purple, green, teal and blue.

I’m repeating myself here, but again, 3 thin coats to build up that base to fully opaque.

Oh Goody, Goody, Gosh! – Live Swatch


Last but certainly not least of the 5 shades I received, we have ‘Let’s Split Up, Gang!” and of course I immediately knew it was inspired by Scooby-Doo. Even more so with that purple and green. This is a light lilac purple base with various sizes of neon green and purple glitters all throughout.

And say it with me now, 3 thin coats to full opacity with this one, just like the others!

Let’s Split Up, Gang! – Live Swatch


And those are the shades I have to show you today! Listen, Glam Polish has really sold me on crelly polishes, and I’ve become quite a fan of them. They’re just such a cute little look on the nails and they just feel so whimsical and lovely. All of these shades were easy to work with, and each gave a unique and fun look. If you’ve been wanting to try out some crelly polishes, this is the perfect way to dip your toes in!

Do any of these shades catch your eye?


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PR Disclosure: Though the shades in this post were sent to me, I was under no obligation to post from the brand. I never guarantee positive reviews, and all thoughts and opinions are my own. I review these shades thoroughly and in the same manner as I would with any polishes purchased with my own money.


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