Glam Polish ‘Nevermore’ Collection – Swatches & Review


Hello, your Glam Polish guide here, with our monthly collection! Glam Polish releases 1-2 new sets a month, and I know that can be hard to keep up with. Please don’t try to keep up with it – unless you’re rich, then more power to you. Either way I’m here to show you each shade that I’m lucky enough to receive (it’s not ALL of them, but at least a solid amount), so y’all can pick and choose which lucky shades will make it into your cart. I’m here to show you the formulas and colors so you’re a more informed Glam Polish buyer in the future! (And their collections always stay around for a while, so you have time to truly consider and pick and choose. No rushing needed, combine some collections, save on shipping).

ALRIGHT. So let’s talk about these newest shades.

This is the ‘Nevermore’ collection, and it’s inspired by the new Wednesday show that released on Netflix! Now I haven’t watched the show, but I get the general vibe of it, and I think we’re matching it here. (You tell me). We’ve got 6 shades of blacks, deep purples and blues, along with some lighter crellies for the more sunshine side character I’ve seen so much about. They work well together as opposites, and I just love the colors. As always with any Glam Polish release, we have a variety of finishes and formulas, so a little something for everyone. (Or if these shades don’t jive with you, there are plenty more collections on the way!)

Last info, these are of course available on the Glam Polish website both in a bundle and individually! Okay, I’m done, now let’s get right into the swatches!


Up first, we start out with ‘My Little Viper’. This is a warm-toned, deeper purple – some would call it a plum – jelly base filled with scattered holographic little flakes and a bright sapphire shimmer (which you can really see coming out in the live swatch video).

Formula-wise this was an easy 2 coats! The first coat was a touch more sheer and uneven, with the 2nd deepening up the base and smoothing it all out. And that sparkle really comes out, contrasting with that deeper base color. It does dry a touch more satin – I never use top coat on my swatches as I always like to show how it comes out right out of the bottle. So a good coat of top coat on this one will really bring out the sparkles.

My Little Viper – Live Swatch


Next up we have ‘I Know the Suspense is Killing You’ (I’m always impressed when they fit these longer names on the little circle labels). This next one is another warm-toned purple jelly base – though this one is much lighter and more lavender than the previous shade. This one is also filled with a bright red-pink shimmer and larger scattered black flakes.

With that 1st coat I did have some unevenness, and it was a touch sheer. But the 2nd coat – my nails were definitely shorter from a couple breaks – fully covered and made the shade opaque. Now if you have longer nails, or use thinner coats, you might want a 3rd to cover any last nail line. It’ll depend on your own application and preferences.

I Know the Suspense is Killing You – Live Swatch


Next up we have an off-white crelly and I do love these Glam Polish off-white crellies so much. Give me all of them. This one is called ‘Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe’ (I’m not full of woe with another crelly, lemme tell you. SORRY). As mentioned, this is an off-white base, a white with just the tiniest drops of gray to it, with subtle red-orange shimmer, black glitters and larger black pieces all throughout. (18,000 comments on that live swatch video have said it looks like cookies and cream, and I have to agree. Even when it’s repeated over and over again).

For the formula, I built this up with 2 thicker coats. I did choose to add a 3rd on some nails, as any white crelly base can be more sheer – so I did have some uneven areas peeking through. Again, it’s going to depend on your own application and preferences.

Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe – Live Swatch


Up next we have ‘It Looks Like a Rainbow Vomited on Your Side’ (again long name here). This one is a light lilac purple crelly base just jam packed with various colors and shapes of glitter pieces, from purple to pink, teal, blue, lime green, orange and navy. There’s also some gorgeous iridescent flakes in there that shift to a bright teal green shade. Truly like rainbow vomit one might say.

For this one, I did build it up with 3 thin coats. The crelly base is a touch more thin than previous shades, so it’s just about building it up to be fully opaque. If you’re doing a thicker application you might be good with just 2, but I preferred that 3rd coat to cover any last final patches and ridges.

It Looks Like a Rainbow Vomited on Your Side – Live Swatch


Continuing right along, we get to what just might be my favorite shade of the set. Just look at it! This is ‘Goo Goo Muck’, and it’s a black jelly base just filled with scattered holographic shimmer and large blue iridescent flakes. It has an almost magical, deep sea look to it.

Again, being a jelly base it was a touch more sheer on the nails even with that deeper shade, and about building up that color to be that full deep blue. I used 3 thin coats, with the 3rd coat just especially covering some last patches at the end of the nails. The flakes pick up easily and layer up so well, without sticking up on the nails. The jelly base adds to that look of the flakes being suspended in the base – so I never mind any sheerness when the final result is so gorgeous.

Goo Goo Muck – Live Swatch


And last up, we have ‘Grim Reaper Barbie’. (Now listen, the lighting is different in this and my nails are shorter. I had it in my head that this collection was just 5 shades and completely forgot to swatch this last one. Then my camera broke – after 10 years of good work – and I headed off to my brothers to dog sit. While there I bought a new camera and promptly broke all my nails playing with some good boys. THAT’S IT, YOU DIDN’T NEED THAT AT ALL OR CARE, but I wanted to explain).

ANYWAYS. This is a black scattered holographic base with larger silver metallic glitters. And for the formula, this was an easy 2 coats! It’s a thicker polish base, not a jelly like the others, so it covers well and is pigmented. So sparkly and dimensional and I loved it.

Grim Reaper Barbie – Live Swatch


And that’s the set! We have the deeper shades, with an expected black to cover the Addams sides, and then those lighter crellies for Wednesday’s counterparts of the show. It covers the theme with something different, and the formulas were nothing we hadn’t seen before! They’re easy to work with and I had no complaints.


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