Glam Polish ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Collection (5 Shades) – Swatches & Review


Glam Polish is constantly releasing a new collection of shades inspired by an upcoming movie, TV show, or other beloved media. And I’m lucky enough to receive a lot of these shades and swatch them up for you. Now I sometimes don’t receive full collections – like today – but even with half of the polishes I hope I can be helpful and take your hand and guide you through the newest shades. A little Glam Polish leader if you will. (Of course, even with receiving them in PR, I’m always giving you my honest thoughts. You would see right in the live swatches if a polish was horrible).

So let’s dive on into this set. This is the ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ release, inspired by of course, the popular role playing game. (I hear there’s a movie coming eventually too with Chris Pine, as a big fan of his, I’m excited). There are 10 new shades, and I have 5 of them to show you!

As always, these are available on the Glam Polish website, both individually, as well as in a nice little bundle.

We have some gorgeous shades and finishes here, so let’s dive right in!


Into the shades! First up we have ‘Weaver of Destiny’. This is a deep, almost blackened purple base with gorgeous holographic shimmer and a bright red flash.

Formula-wise this was the standard lovely Glam Polish formula I’ve gotten used to! 2 easy coats and it was fully opaque, super smooth and nice to paint on and no complaints!

Weaver of Destiny – Live Swatch


Up next we have ‘Moon Maiden’, and this shade just immediately caught my eye when opening the package. (It’s something about these silvery purple bases). This is an almost gray-toned lilac purple base with scattered holographic shimmer and a bright pink flash to it. Especially in lower lighting, it’s so shifty, and in my 2nd photo it shifts from that bright pink to an almost greenish-gold.

Formula wise, this built up well and was fully opaque after 3. I did add another coat after 2 because of the lighter toned, more sheer base, and I had a touch of nail line still peeking through. But overall it was smooth and easy to paint on, and the coats dried quickly, making those 3 coats go by.

Moon Maiden – Live Swatch


Next up we have ‘Lady Firehair’ (and as a redhead, I truly connected to this name). This one is a clear base filled with multichrome, iridescent and holographi flakes, just all smashed into one sparkly polish!

With this having a clear base it can be used as a more thinned out look as a topper. Especially over a deeper shade those multichrome flakes will just really pop and shift. However, I did choose to build this up for a full opacity nail look. This is after 3 coats, and there is still a touch of nail line peeking through, but the shiftyness and multiple colors almost distracts from that. It’s a gorgeous, almost fall time look, and it does almost feel like fire on the nails.

Lady Firehair – Live Swatch


Continuing right along with the flakes, we have ‘The Wavemother’ and it just might be my favorite. I mean, just look at it. This is a teal, almost aqua blue jelly base just packed with iridescent, holographic and black flakies. It’s so magical, and just looks like the sea.

This was pretty well opaque in just 2 coats. I did notice it could get a touch uneven with thicker coats, causing me to need to add a 3rd coat to cover some patches on some nails. So I do recommend thinner coats with this one, and with that you might need 3 thin coats. But overall it was easy to paint on, and dried quickly as expected.

The Wavemother – Live Swatch


Last but certainly not least of the shades I have to show you today, I have ‘Master of the Mysterious’. This is a deep brown, almost black jelly base with very shifty iridescent flakes and holographic sparkle all throughout. This look also just reminds me of fall (if I had my choice it would just be fall all year round).

For the formula, with the deeper, more pigmented base, it was easily opaque in just 2 coats, even while being a jelly. With the 2nd coat, the flakes just layer up so well and create gorgeous dimension and I just love the look overall.

Master of the Mysterious – Live Swatch


And those are the shades! As mentioned there are 5 more polishes also released in this collection, with swatches right on their website for you. But these 5 shades I have right here are so fun and cover a wide range of fantastical finishes and formulas. There’s a little something for everyone (and a lot of fall energy if you ask me). Overall I didn’t have issues with formulas – with ‘Moon Maiden’ being the most sheer, but still workable. My favorite is still ‘The Wavemother’ just for that combo of color and flakes and it’s just so much like the ocean. Lovely!

Did any shades catch your eye?


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