Mooncat ‘Once Upon a Fairytale’ Collection – Swatches & Review

I had seen Mooncat floating around and in my Instagram feed, the gorgeous linear holos and magnetics tempting me each time a fellow nail friend posted up new swatches. And then finally I saw this collection of just soft and fantastical blues, pinks and purples, and I finally dove in and bought my first full Mooncat collection.

If y’all were at all familiar with indie polishes before this, you might have heard of Live Love Polish. Well they recently rebranded into the more edgy and fun branding and name of Mooncat. Their motto is “Abandon the Ordinary”, so you just know you’re going to get some unique finishes and formulas.

So let’s look at this set, the one that truly started my new love for this brand. This is the ‘Once Upon a Fairytale’ collection, and these colors truly match that theme. We have 5 sparkly and flakey shades to look at today. I bought these way back in May and swatched them up on my Instagram, but still wanted to get a matching blog post for them as well! This collection doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon, and they’re still available on the Mooncat website for $14-$15 each, or in a nice little bundle.

Now let’s get on into the swatches!


We’re starting out with this gorgeous, ethereal shade, really diving us into the “fairytale” theme. This is ‘A Midsummer’s Dream’, and it’s a soft light pink base with a gorgeous aqua blue shimmer running throughout it giving it an icy aqua flash.

This is a more sheer formula overall, so it’ll depend on your own preferences on how many coats you want to wear it at. 1 coat gives you a “your nails but better” look, while building up 3 coats will give you this mostly opaque full color look. There is a tiny bit of nail line peeking through as you can see in the photos, so again overall it’ll be a more sheer and soft finish. But it’s so soft and delicate on the nails, I’m not mad at it.

A Midsummer’s Dream – Live Swatch


Next up, we take the next step into the chunkier glitter with ‘Into the Wishing Well’. It has a periwinkle base, like a medium blue-toned purple. From the smooth shimmer of the shade above, now we move to a scattered delicate holographic sparkle as well as multicolored sparkles all throughout – from bright red, to green and gold.

This base is more pigmented than the shade above so it was pretty well opaque in just 2 coats. However depending on your application and the length of your nails you might want a 3rd to build up the color even more and cover any last nail line.

Into the Wishing Well – Live Swatch


Taking quite a step forward with the size of the glitters on this one. This is ‘Firefly Forest’, and it’s a deep shimmery purple jelly base with large metallic turquoise flakes all throughout.

Formula wise since it’s more of a jelly base I built this up in 3 thin coats. The first coat is most definitely very sheer, with the 2nd building it up well but with some nail line still peeking through. The 3rd coat makes it fully opaque and covers any last nail line or patches. It deepens that base up to fully match the bottle, and those metallic flakes really contrast with the deeper color. They do pretty well as staying smooth and laying on the nail – a good coat of top coat will smooth any last edges of bigger flakes.

Firefly Forest – Live Swatch


Next up we have our blue of the set with ‘If Frogs Had Wings’. This one is a gorgeous light aqua blue shimmery base with bright pink shimmer all throughout as well as iridescent flakes. Truly capturing a whimsical, fairytale look.

Again a more sheer formula with this one so I built it up with 3 thin coats, to really layer up those flakes and give it more dimension and sparkle. It was still a smooth and easy formula and a lovely finished look.

If Frogs Had Wings – Live Swatch


Last but certainly not least we have ‘Moonfairy’. This one is a lavendar-lilac toned shimmer base just stuffed full of iridescent flakes all throughout. I got this one pretty well opaque in just 2 coats, though if you have longer nails or use thinner coats you might want a 3rd to cover any last visible nail line. The flakes are all smooth in the base and don’t stick up at all, and it truly is a magicl shade to end the bunch with.

Moonfairy – Live Swatch


And that’s the set! As I’ve mentioned a million times, I think these shades are just perfect for a “fairytale” collection and theming. They’re fantastical and unique, and I just loved the mix of formulas and finishes we got here! All 5 shades added something new to my collection, and I’ll most definitely be looking out for their future releases.

(And after buying this collection, I have bought a few more. Check out my post on their Medusa Unleashed collection as well).

Do any of these shades catch your eye?


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