ILNP ‘NYE’ 2022 Collection – Swatches & Review

2022, especially in the later months, was a time where I was lucky enough to be able to expand out my roster of brands and dip my toes into more indie brands. One of those brands was ILNP. They fully grabbed me with their Halloween release, Trapped. After that, I had my eye on them. I did end up skipping on their Winter Wonderland release (though as I’m looking at it again, it IS gorgeous…). Now I won’t be reviewing every single indie brand (I wish I had the budget and time for that), and I’ll still be here for mostly mainstream and drugstore brands, but listen, we love to add some unique little indie polishes into the mix every so often. And ILNP has truly been releasing some beautiful shades.

For this newest review, we’re looking at the ‘NYE’ collection. This comes after their winter release, so it’s truly more of full New Years Eve release and look and theming. So with that it features 6 super sparkly and flashy shades perfect for watching the ball drop (hey that’s even a shade name!). We have 5 full color polishes and then one iridescent topper, and all of your glitter needs will be covered with this one, whether it’s for a celebration or when you’re reading this review in the middle of January.

These lovely shades are available on the ILNP website. Now I’ll let the sparkle speak for itself, let’s get on into the swatches!


First up starting with the bright cherry red, we have ‘Ruby’, with a very fitting name. This is a deep warm-toned metallic red shimmer, with larger almost flakey shimmers all throughout and a bright pink flash. You can see on the very edge of the bottle there’s a bright green-gold shift, but I found I couldn’t get that to appear on my nails no matter how I angled or even with lower lighting. You can see a tiny bit of golden sparkles throughout the shade, but nothing near that full shift at the very edge.

Formula-wise, this was so lovely! This was an easy 2 coat formula, with that 2nd coat deepening up the base color to match the bottle and layering up the shimmer and sparkle. It was smooth and easy to control, and I didn’t find any red color bleeding into my cuticles or staining.

Ruby – Live Swatch


Next up we have ‘Showstopper’ and it is quite a showstopper on the nails! (I promise that doesn’t continue). This one is the bright warm-toned fuchsia pink version of ‘Ruby’ above, with the same almost flakey metallic finish. It has a red to greenish-gold shift. Again, some teal and purple is showing at the very edge of the bottle but I couldn’t get that full range of color to show on the nails, instead only getting that brighter golden-green shift.

Another easy and smooth 2 coat formula here, and very similar to ‘Ruby’. The 2nd coat deepens up the color to match the bottle and layers up the shimmer and makes it so shifty and sparkly. Super lovely.

Showstopper – Live Swatch


Next up we have ‘Good Fortune’ and this is an absolutely stunning deep forest green base filled with bright green flakes and shimmer. I’m a sucker for a deep green every time, gimme every variation of them.

Since it’s a jelly formula, it was a touch more sheer on the 1st coat. But a 2nd coat deepens up the base and brings out that shimmer and made it fully opaque on my nails. If you’re using thinner coats or have longer nails you might want a 3rd to even out the base. But overall it’s a smooth formula and I had no issues painting it on. I love a jelly base with sparkles like this, as that jelly formula allows them to layer up and be suspended and just give such a dimensional look.

Good Fortune – Live Swatch


Next up is ‘Invite Only’. This is a bright, warm aqua-toned blue metallic shimmer with bright green sparkles all throughout – giving it an almost turquoise look on the nails.

Another easy 2 coat formula here! Just like the others, the 2nd coat really brings it alive, deepening up the base color and layering up the sparkle.

Invite Only – Live Swatch


Last up for the full color polishes (hey, get it, last, I’m sorry) is ‘Last Call’. This is a much more cool-toned deeper blue base. The base is actually right in between a blue and a purple, for an indigo base, with a stunning bright pink shimmer which makes it look even more purple.

Broken record here, another smooth and easy 2 coat formula and no complaints!

Last Call – Live Swatch


And the final polish of this release is a fun topper! This is ‘Ball Drop’ and perfect for a New Years look, it’s a clear base just filled with a rainbow of iridescent flakes all throughout. I showed it on its own as 1 coat over my bare nails, and you can see some of those iridescent shades. But especially when it’s swatched over a deeper base, like a black polish as I have below is when it really shines and pops! You get that full rainbow of color contrasting out and it adds so much interest to any cream base it’s over.

Formula wise you can see with just 1 coat it picks up and distributes well. You can build it up for even more sparkle but overall it’s a unique topper in my collection!

Ball Drop – Live Swatch


And that’s the set! I think it’s perfect for a New Years theme, and really captures the sparkle and glitz and glam – or if you’re feeling sparkly for a normal Tuesday as well, we’re not stopping you. Again great formulas from ILNP and no complaints! I’m definitely here to look out for their future releases!


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2 thoughts on “ILNP ‘NYE’ 2022 Collection – Swatches & Review

  1. Save for the purple, I’m not feeling it with this collection. I don’t do sheer polishes very often, and everything but the purple looks busy and…dirty. It’s why I don’t buy many holo polishes. Too many of them look like they were part of some industrial accident on my nails.

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