Mooncat ‘Kaleidoscope Haze’ Collection – Swatches & Review

Now this collection today is an example of one that was swatched up on my Instagram much earlier, but then got lost in the blog shuffle, and was just never posted here! But these shades are still available and absolutely gorgeous, so I didn’t want them to go to waste. (There will be many more of these on the way as I work through my monstrous blog backlog).

AND. Mooncat is having one of their 2 annual sales on Friday, May 5th. (If you’re reading this after that date, just look up when the lunar eclipse is, that’s when they always coordinate their sales – next one is in October). Or maybe you’re just curious about this collection and want to purchase it anyways without any sale! All great options!

So why don’t I just tell you what collection we’re talking about already? (Yes I know you can read the title). This is the ‘Kaleidoscope Haze’ collection from Mooncat! And yes, we love Mooncat around here. After trying out one to two previous collections, now I’m just hooked. I just love all of their different finishes and colors, they’re so lovely. So this specific release features 8 shades all with a jelly finish filled with iridescent flakes. It’ll be perfect for the upcoming warm weather. Just imagine wearing these in the sun while sitting next to a pool, what else could you need?

These did originally release last year, but they’re still available on the website! (The full bundle is currently sold out at the moment of writing, but the individual shades are there, and there’s been no mention of it going away, so I’m sure it’ll restock).

Now let’s get into the swatches!

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Zoya ‘Hypnotic’ & ‘Y2K’ Trios for Winter 2022 – Swatches & Review

We’re continuing right along with the blog post catch up, and reviews of the mainstream Winter polish releases! So let’s look at Zoya! (That’s right, that’s all I’ve got for an intro, we don’t need the rambling here. Maybe it’s because I feel productivity running through my veins).

In lieu of the traditional 6 piece collection for the winter season, Zoya released 2 trios. The two trios feature ‘Hypnotic’ which features 3 deeper, vampy jewel-toned shimmers, for when you just want to be seductive and mysterious in these snowy days. And then there’s ‘Y2K’, which features 3 jelly, sparkly polishes in brighter 2000s colors, when you just need some fun and sparkle throughout all the gray. (Why does it remind me of that scene from Parks & Rec with Andy & April “someone will die” “of fun!” Pls tell me you know that reference and what I mean). Overall, super interesting to go for 2 trios instead of one full cohesive collection, and it gives you choices for 2 distinct nail moods to choose from.

I grabbed both of these trios from the Zoya website during their amazing Black Friday sale – both trios, the Hypnotic, and the Y2K trios are still available to purchase there (and they’ll probably eventually make their way to the Beyond Polish website if you want to wait for even more of a discount).

So enough talking, let’s dive right into the swatches!


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