Mooncat ‘Kaleidoscope Haze’ Collection – Swatches & Review

Now this collection today is an example of one that was swatched up on my Instagram much earlier, but then got lost in the blog shuffle, and was just never posted here! But these shades are still available and absolutely gorgeous, so I didn’t want them to go to waste. (There will be many more of these on the way as I work through my monstrous blog backlog).

AND. Mooncat is having one of their 2 annual sales on Friday, May 5th. (If you’re reading this after that date, just look up when the lunar eclipse is, that’s when they always coordinate their sales – next one is in October). Or maybe you’re just curious about this collection and want to purchase it anyways without any sale! All great options!

So why don’t I just tell you what collection we’re talking about already? (Yes I know you can read the title). This is the ‘Kaleidoscope Haze’ collection from Mooncat! And yes, we love Mooncat around here. After trying out one to two previous collections, now I’m just hooked. I just love all of their different finishes and colors, they’re so lovely. So this specific release features 8 shades all with a jelly finish filled with iridescent flakes. It’ll be perfect for the upcoming warm weather. Just imagine wearing these in the sun while sitting next to a pool, what else could you need?

These did originally release last year, but they’re still available on the website! (The full bundle is currently sold out at the moment of writing, but the individual shades are there, and there’s been no mention of it going away, so I’m sure it’ll restock).

Now let’s get into the swatches!


Formula-wise, I found most of these were very similar, so I’ll give a little summary here, and then note any individual differences under the swatches! Now, as mentioned above, these are jelly polishes, so they will be more sheer and squishy on the nails. So it’s just about building up that base color. You can stick with 2 coats for more visible nail line peeking out and a more sheer look, or I used 3 thin coats for all of these photos. Most were fully opaque at that point, while others had a tiny bit of nail line still peeking out. The flakes pick up and distribute very easily, and layer up with the base for a more suspended look. They’re not hard to apply, being smooth and easy with the wider brush, and never felt goopy on my nails. But they will just be more sheer overall because of the jelly formula, so it’ll depend on your own preferences whether you’re feeling these and the final finish.


First up, of course, we’re starting at the beginning of the rainbow with ‘Strangeberry’. This is a bright, warm-toned strawberry pink jelly base filled with those iridescent flakes all throughout. It’s absolutely perfect for warmer weather.

This is one of the more pigmented bases of the bunch, so it was easily opaque with 3 thin coats.

Strangeberry – Live Swatch


Next up we have ‘Magic Mushroom’. This one is a bright yellow-toned citrus orange base with pink and yellow iridescent flakes.

I was able to get this pretty well opaque with 3 – there may be the TINIEST amount of nail line peeking through, so it may be more visible on longer nails. Overall smooth and lovely to paint on.

Magic Mushroom – Live Swatch


‘Flying Submarine’ is a bright lemon yellow jelly base with pink and orange iridescent flakes. The flakes in this one are the most subtle, as they just don’t contrast as much against that lighter base.

Now this one does have the sheerest base of the bunch, which you can expect with yellows, and so it still had visible nail line still after 3 thin coats. This will be one where your own preferences come in, but I didn’t mind the more sheer and squishy look!

Flying Submarine – Live Swatch


We move right along to the green with ‘Best Bud’. This is a bright lime green jelly base with turquoise iridescent flakes all throughout.

This was on the opacity level of the orange, where it’s pretty well opaque with 3 coats, but you could have some visible nail line if you have longer nails.

Best Bud – Live Swatch


Next up we have ‘Lava Lamp’. This is my favorite type of color, with a base of gorgeous turquoise green. And of course, with those iridescent flakes floating all throughout.

This one was on the more sheer end, with visible nail line still peeking through after 3 coats.

Lava Lamp • Acid Washed – Live Swatches (there are 2 polishes included in this live swatch video!)


Now onto the blues! First up is ‘Acidwashed’. This one is a warmer, light sky blue base packed with those iridescent flakes.

This one had smaller and more dense flakes all throughout, for a more dense finish. But it was a touch sheer with a tiny bit of nail line still peeking out after 3 coats. Still easy and smooth to paint on overall.


The other blue of the bunch is ‘Cosmic Cowboy’. This is a deep, saturated cobalt blue jelly base with pink iridescent flakes all throughout.

With that deeper color, it’s one of the more pigmented of the set, so it’s easily opaque with 3 coats. I do love the deeper shades, as the flakes just contrast so well against them.

Cosmic Cowboy • Mood Ring – Live Swatches (again both shades swatched right in this video!)


And last but certainly not least, we have ‘Mood Ring’. This one is a bright, warm pinky-toned purple base with iridescent flakes all throughout.

For being a deeper shade, this one is on the more sheer side of the spectrum, feeling the most thin of the jellies. After 3 coats there’s definitely visible nail line, but those flakes are gorgeous and can distract the eye away. It can feel a tiny bit uneven as well, as you can see the darker patch at the end of my ring finger, but overall it was smooth and easy to apply.


And that’s the set! I do love a collection that commits to a finish, and really explores the full color range in it, and we definitely get that with these shades. They have a unique finish that we don’t see too often, and I’m always here for something more fun and different to add to my large collection.

Of course, not everyone loves a more sheer, squishy jelly look, so this is one (I swear I’ll only say this one more time) that’ll depend on your own preferences. Don’t like jellies? Skip on over this collection. The nail polish world is far too vast to spend your money on shades that don’t absolutely have your heart.


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