Wet N Wild Pac-Man Perfect Game Nail Polish Set


Whew boy, it’s the start of a busy couple of months for me! I have two family weddings coming up, one in September and one in October – including being a bridesmaid for the September one, so it’s about to be a lot of traveling and craziness! I’ll be testing how well I can get posts together and ready to put up before I’m gone for a weekend, which is something I want to be better at anyways. I just talked about how I was more consistent in posting in July, so its time to REALLY TEST THAT.

It’s crazy that these are coming up so fast, and I can’t believe it’s already August! The time is just flying by. But we still have plenty of summer left here, and the heat isn’t letting up. Do you have any plans for the rest of the summer?

But as always, the polish doesn’t let up for any schedule! Today’s post is talking about this little nail polish set that came out in the Wet N Wild Pac-Man collection (I’ll have a separate post about the makeup items up in the next week or two). When this collection was previewed, I was very interested in the eyeshadow palette, of course, but seeing a nail polish set always makes me excited, and it was something I knew I had to snatch up. They’ve only done this one other time, with the Flights of Fancy collection last summer.

I’ll always miss the full limited edition nail polish collections that Wet N Wild used to come out with (especially as they ended right as I was getting into polish). And I’ll always have a hope that they’ll do them again someday. For now, I’ll deal, and have these little sets fill the void in my heart.

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