Swatch: Sinful Colors ‘Undead Red’ & ‘Bite Me’ – Halloween 2017

I’ve been falling a little behind on my Sinful Colors posts – I still have yet to figure out which Walgreens store down here will be my hookup – if you live in the Chicago area (did I mention I live in Chicago now?), lemme know if you have a go-to Walgreens that actually gets in the new Sinful Colors collections.

But before I moved, I did find two of the shades from the Sinful Colors Halloween 2017 collection. This year’s collection is called ‘Night of the Living Red’. It has 2 glow in the dark shades as well as the normal glow in the dark top coat – I didn’t like the glow in the dark shades from last year so I didn’t bother picking them up. It also has 4 repromotes, as well as 4 new shades. I found 2 of the new shades for today. All of the Walgreens stores I went to only had the smaller displays so I never found the other two shades. But they’re called ‘If You’ve Got it Haunt It’ and ‘Pumpkin Spice’.

I at least have the two shimmery red shades that I wanted to show you today as part of my Halloween palooza on the blog this weekend! So let’s jump right into it.

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