Review: Essie Summer 2017 + Comparisons

You know 4 days before the official start of fall is the best time to finish up reviewing summer collections, right? As always, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER.

I’m finally getting some sort of set schedule down with work, and an actual income, so collection reviews are popping back up on my blog! It was almost a little break, but I’m trying my best to get back into it!

This is my first post with my shorter little nails. Working as a barista, I broke basically all of my longer nails within the first week of work – sigh, the barista life. They’re growing back slowly. Also, please do not mind my ragged, dry cuticles. The constant hand washing is just wreaking havoc on my fingers and skin, and they’re just a hot mess. FOCUS ON THE NAIL POLISH INSTEAD.

So here we go, the last summer collection I’m reviewing. It’s the Essie Summer 2017 6-piece collection! It’s based off of Paris, and is something I was just waiting to get my hands on.

It has 3 creams, 2 shimmers, and 1 metallic foil. I have comparisons at the bottom as well, so let’s get right into it!

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Review: China Glaze ‘Summer Reign’ Summer 2017 Collection

Good lord, how is it almost September already? Well, I always say September is the perfect time to review summer collections, right? heh

I finally am getting around to reviewing summer collections (thank you new job and spending money once again), so look out for the Essie and Orly summer collections coming soon!

But today I have the China Glaze collection from summer 2017. As always, this is a 12 bottle collection, and I purchased mine off

Let’s just get right into the swatches because there’s a lot of them!

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OPI ‘California Dreaming’ Summer 2017 Collection – Swatch/Review

It’s the first day of summer! I got my butt into gear to give you the first post of the summer collections on the first day of summer! – Eh, eh, you see what I did there?

While I was in Europe, I saw a post about a flash sale on this collection, and bought it right up. The whole collection for $50 – shipped! Considering OPI normally retails for $10 a bottle, that’s a steal. Seriously, follow ‘Skyline Beauty Supply’ on Instagram, as they’re always offering 24 Hour Flash Deals on the newest collections. I’ve ordered from them a couple times and have been super satisfied – their shipping is so fast as well!

Anyways, the OPI Summer 2017 collection is called ‘California Dreaming’ and is a standard 12 bottle collection. It features 10 creams, and 2 metallics, based on the state of California! It’s a collection of a small shade range, featuring pinks, reds and orange tones.

Let’s get right into the swatches!

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