Review: Essie Summer 2017 + Comparisons

You know 4 days before the official start of fall is the best time to finish up reviewing summer collections, right? As always, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER.

I’m finally getting some sort of set schedule down with work, and an actual income, so collection reviews are popping back up on my blog! It was almost a little break, but I’m trying my best to get back into it!

This is my first post with my shorter little nails. Working as a barista, I broke basically all of my longer nails within the first week of work – sigh, the barista life. They’re growing back slowly. Also, please do not mind my ragged, dry cuticles. The constant hand washing is just wreaking havoc on my fingers and skin, and they’re just a hot mess. FOCUS ON THE NAIL POLISH INSTEAD.

So here we go, the last summer collection I’m reviewing. It’s the Essie Summer 2017 6-piece collection! It’s based off of Paris, and is something I was just waiting to get my hands on.

It has 3 creams, 2 shimmers, and 1 metallic foil. I have comparisons at the bottom as well, so let’s get right into it!

‘Sweet Soufflé’ is really the one I absolutely needed to get my hands on based on everyone’s photos. It’s a beautiful white pearl with an absolutely gorgeous orange shimmer running throughout it. I was worried the shimmer would be lost, but it’s actually apparent on the nails, and gives this polish so much depth.

Because it’s a lighter white color, I did need 3 coats to cover up any uneven patches. But it was pretty easy to control. I did find if I didn’t have enough on my brush, it could catch and skip, so just do thicker coats. Overall, a beautiful polish, and really my favorite of the collection. I think this will be so fun in any season, especially the upcoming winter.


Up next is ‘Blue-La-La’, a standard sky blue cream. Nothing special in color about this one, but an easy 2 coat, smooth formula. You might need 3 coats if you do thinner ones, to cover up any uneven streaks or ridges. But overall, a standard lovely pastel formula.


‘Baguette Me Not’ – a beautiful lilac cream shade that I just can’t get enough of. Not completely groundbreaking, but another stunning formula. Easy, smooth, 2 coat formula to get it opaque.


The last of the “standard” colors in this collection, this is ‘Eclair My Love’, a bright cherry red cream. This was almost opaque in 1 coat, but evened out any uneven patches in 2 easy smooth coats. Nothing more to say.


The last 2 polishes are much more unique in my opinion. Essie gave us a shimmery orange in last year’s winter collection, and lemme tell you, I’M LIVING FOR THESE. GIVE ME MORE. A beautiful deep orange with gold shimmer. Though the shimmer is a little more subtle, it gives this lovely glow to the color. I see this transitioning easily into winter this year (brb wearing exclusively shimmery oranges this season). An amazing 2 coat formula, a dream to apply.


Last but not least, we have ‘S’il Vous Play’, the metallic pink foil. I found I liked this foil formula more than others I encountered – it didn’t show brush strokes, and it didn’t have the problem of looking streaky and uneven from random angles. It could be good in 1 coat, but 2 just bumps up the shimmer and makes it so lovely and just, I can’t stop looking it on my nails. (New Year’s nails, anyone? Yes, I know I’m talking about a summer collection for winter).


So there’s your Summer 2017 collection from Essie! Being honest here, I see 3 standard colors (but with wonderful formulas, so good to add to your collection if you don’t have them), and 3 unique colors that I love to own. I could honestly see taking any of these colors over into fall and winter (maybe that’s just me), but I think this is a wonderful sophisticated collection that can be worn all year (fitting of Paris, eh?).

I didn’t find a bad formula in the bunch, so if a color here catches your eye, you really can’t go wrong!

Omg here are your comparisons finally – I’m sorry I suck but they’re finally here!

Of course, the most burning question on my mind was about those shimmery whites. Well here they are! As you can see, ‘Sweet Soufflé’, compared to ‘Oh My Majesty’ is a brighter white base. Even if they were complete duplicates, I would keep both because I love them so much. I also threw ‘Pearl Jammin’ in there to show it’s the same lovely orange shimmer.



And here’s another comparison. ‘Sweet Soufflé’ is on my middle and pinky fingers, and ‘Oh My Majesty’ is on the pointer and ring fingers. You can see the step down in color that is ‘Oh My Majesty’ here as well. But damn, that shimmer.

I know China Glaze has another white shade with orange shimmer from their previous winter collection, called ‘Snow Way’ that I don’t own. I would be curious to get it and truly compare it to these as well! Let me know about that one!


Up next was comparisons of ‘Blue La La’. I thought it would be closer to more things I have, but it’s a tad brighter sky blue than anything I had in my collection. Me, as the hoarder, is so glad to have yet another shade of blue in my collection. THEY’RE ALL DIFFERENT, MOM, LOOK.


Surprisingly ‘Baguette Me Not’ was a brighter, pinker lilac than anything I had in my collection! It was close to ‘Lilac Out Loud’ from Sinful Colors – from the recent Pastel Neon Mattes collection – but other than that, I couldn’t find anything truly close.


For ‘Eclair My Love’ I had to put the closest one on my fingers to truly photograph it properly. SO. ‘Eclair My Love’ is on my middle and pinky fingers and OPI’s ‘She’s a Bad Muffuletta!’ from their New Orleans collection is on my pointer and ring fingers. It’s hard to tell a difference at all. Looking at them in person, I can see ‘She’s a Bad Muffuletta’ has a tiny smidge more of a strawberry color to it – but otherwise they look identical. They’re identical in formula as well, so it’s up to you if you need both.


The last comparison is for ‘Fondant of You’ and as you can see it’s unique for me! I thought it would be closer to ‘Oh Behave!’ but it’s a lot less peachy than that one. Keep giving up shimmery oranges, Essie.


As for ‘S’il Vous Play’, I had nothing even close in my collection! So that’s it!

Lots more posts coming up soon! Stay tuned!


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