ALERT: Target Clearance! Jan 2017

There’s clearance everywhere and I feel personally victimized.

This post is just to highlight some deals I saw at Target specifically – there’s ton more to be discovered than just the ones I mentioned. Since there’s new Spring products coming out the wazoo, stores are making room, and getting rid of older, less popular products. Nothing is safe – foundations  (hint: CoverGirl ‘Ready Set Gorgeous’ – love it), eyeshadows, eyeliners, lipstick and more! These are just a few deals I noticed at my local store – so I’m sure there’s more at yours! Hop and skip on over there and get you some discounted makeup!

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Swatch/Review: Defy & Inspire – Fall Shades

My mother’s work (she works in a doctor’s office) spoils me entirely too much, and they send me packages each year for Halloween filled with all sorts of spooky things, including mounds of peanut butter cups that I promptly eat within 10 minutes, and then of course, gift cards.

There were beautiful Target gift cards in this package, so one day when I felt I deserved it (I probably didn’t), I took my happy self to Target and browsed. I knew this gift card was going to nail polish. I didn’t even pretend that I would buy anything else. So I immediately went to the nail polish.

I saw a display of this brand called Defy & Inspire, and I had seen others discuss it before so I was curious for sure. There was half a display of normal shades, and then their recent fall collection as well. They normally sell for $7.49, but the fall shades had the magical clearance stickers on them, so of course I snatched them up. They’re down to $5.24 for each. There were 3 left of the fall collection, so I got them.

Defy & Inspire is a brand exclusive to Target. They’re 5 free and contain 0.5 FL oz, same as the other mainstream nail polishes. Their fall collection was called ‘Rock and Roll’ and contained 6 polishes. I picked up the 3 left in the display.

Let’s get onto the swatches! Hopefully you’ll see this and see a new brand of nail polish to try that you can find the next time you’re in Target (because we all spend too much time in Target).

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