ALERT: Target Clearance! Jan 2017

There’s clearance everywhere and I feel personally victimized.

This post is just to highlight some deals I saw at Target specifically – there’s ton more to be discovered than just the ones I mentioned. Since there’s new Spring products coming out the wazoo, stores are making room, and getting rid of older, less popular products. Nothing is safe – foundations  (hint: CoverGirl ‘Ready Set Gorgeous’ – love it), eyeshadows, eyeliners, lipstick and more! These are just a few deals I noticed at my local store – so I’m sure there’s more at yours! Hop and skip on over there and get you some discounted makeup!

First thing’s first – this broke my heart, so I need to let everyone know – Maybelline is discontinuing their Rebel Bloom line. They’re the ones in the light lilac tubes, and come in a variety of bright shades – perfect for spring (whenever that is).


Since they’re being discontinued, they’re marked down for super cheap! I have 5 shades, and love them all. I swatched them so you can see the shades and see if any colors interest you at all! They have Maybelline’s normal, amazing cream formula, and are lovely and creamy on the lips. I love these.


From left to right: 700-Barely Bloomed, a warm-toned light nude; 725-Lilac Flush, a light lavender purple; 745-Peach Poppy, a nice light peachy-coral color; 965-Bubblegum Bloom, a baby pink with shimmer (more of a topper or to lighten shades); and 975-Playful Peony, a cool-toned Barbie pink. My favorite is Lilac Flush.


They also have their ‘Vivids’ line on clearance as well. These are the ones in the bright orange tubes.


These are a range of bright, electric colors that would be good for the summer – or anytime – brighten up the winter with your vivid lips. I only have 2 of these colors. Again, same lovely Maybelline lipstick formula.


Left to right: 870-Shocking Coral, a bright coral-pink shade and 905-Brazen Berry, a bright pink-toned berry purple.


I believe their ‘Reds’ line is also on sale – be sure to hunt around and look for those bright orange clearance stickers – they’ll be in the individual lipstick tubes.

I also found a palette from L’Oreal on sale.


‘La Palette Noir’ is from the same line as the La Palette 1 & 2, and offers dark, smokey colors to create a grungey, smudgey look. I got mine for $7.98 – these are normally $16 at drugstores and $20 at Ulta.


I found this one has the same buildable colors as their more neutral palettes. And for this price I couldn’t say no.


Revlon is also super discounting their polishes! All shades have been marked down to only $2, AND if you’re lucky, you can find shades for $1 (or $1.18) like I did! Just hunt around. I got the shade ‘Adventurous’.


(The clearance makeup is not on their website so you’ll have to go to your local store to find them).

Those are some of the deals I picked up – I was pretty tame honestly.

Probably because I picked up other things… which lead to….

TARGET’S BOOTS ARE ALL ON SALE RIGHT NOW FOR $20. This includes long boots, and booties.

I picked up an awesome pair of knee boots for $20. (Their boot sale is totally on their website right now – so you’re welcome).


Their sandals and other shoes are also on 30% clearance! I picked up this gorgeous pair of gray lace up sandals, normaly $24, for $8. EIGHT DOLLARS. The clearance price is not on their website, so you’ll have to go to the store and brave the madness for these.


There’s so many sales! Get over there and spend your money like I did! Do it!




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