My 2020 Blogger Resolutions

It’s the beginning of a whole new year! Which means it’s time for yet another resolutions and goals post. It’s crazy to think that it’s already 2020. 2019 was such a good year overall, and was full of highs and lows. I made so many good friends this year through blogging, and had so much support, and really started to find a stride, and I can’t wait to see what the upcoming year brings!

Of course, I planned on getting this post up on New Years Day, but then I laid around for a long while and watched episodes of The Witcher. (Everyone’s been there.) I also had friends staying with me, so I didn’t get any time to work on posts. And okay fine, there was also a bit of procrastinating there. (Who also hasn’t been there.)

Listen, all of this relates to the goals and resolutions I have going into 2020. This next year coming up is all about continuing to get even more organized and scheduled, and making sure my posts are more consistent, even when other plans come up. It’s always about improvement and giving you the best blog I can, and that’s the main theme of all of these goals.

Okay, maybe you don’t care at all about my personal blog goals, but I always love making resolutions – no matter how cliché they are – and goals help me continually improve in all aspects of my life. These are the personal goals I have for this blog, and maybe you can relate to them. If anything, they give me select items to be more accountable for and continue working on, and I’m excited to see how they manifest in 2020. And in the end, these goals are affecting my blog, and helping me improve the content I give to you.

So let’s get into the goals already! I have 3 main areas of my blogging and beauty life that I want to touch on this year: my physical collection, my blog itself, and my Instagram. I split it up into those 3 areas, and then went into more specific points with each one. Onward!

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My First PR Sample – What Does This Mean?

It’s just a little talking post today. I’m feeling a little introspective and thoughtful, and just wanted to chat with you guys.

What about?

Well, something exciting happened over here. Over a week ago, a box arrived on my doorstep. It was a box that I had been expecting to come, but I still couldn’t believe it when it actually showed up. I’m not going to lie, when I got the email asking if I wanted to try the product, I thought it was an elaborate hoax and now someone out there had my address. But it was really them, and it really showed up.

As you can tell from the picture above and the title: I got a PR Sample from Sally Hansen.

What’s a PR Sample? It’s a sample that companies will send out, to bloggers and YouTubers, of their product, for that person to test out and talk about. I got a free box of polish from Sally Hansen. They either saw my Instagram or my blog, thought I had a good thing going, and wanted to send me something to show and talk about, whether positive or negative.

It’s still wild to me.


They sent on over a box of their new Mega Strength polishes – 6 of the shades, a top coat, and their hardener, in this cute little orange box. There will be a full post coming up on these polishes (in the next couple of days) and I’ll talk all about them. But first, I want to talk what this box means for me, and for you all reading. I just want to reflect a little.


At this point, I’ve been writing on this blog for almost 3 years now (this summer will be the anniversary), and I’ve purchased far too much polish, and will continue to be purchasing too much for years and years to come.

I went into this all because I loved beauty and nail polish. I had tried and failed a couple of times to start a blog, and during the summer of 2016, I said screw it and finally just went for it. I just wanted to talk about something I loved so much. I didn’t have friends in real life really that were as crazy as me about beauty as I was, and I just wanted to talk about it. I just wanted to tell others if something was bad, or good, or just plain fantastic. I wanted to let others know about something before maybe they purchased it too. I was buying it and using it anyways, why not let others know about it?

I never expected PR. I thought maybe hey, someday, that could be cool, just to be able to show more products. But it wasn’t something I went into this for. I couldn’t put this much time and effort into something just for an end goal of free product. You would be able to tell that my passion wasn’t there.  I went into this simply because I was actually was passionate about it and wanted to help people with reviews. I’ve put a lot of hours and effort into this blog, and I still love it, and I’ll still continue on even if I don’t get a single more free product.

But I got this one. So what does that mean overall? What can you guys expect?

I will admit, I was goddamn excited. I was texting friends who have supported me and this blog from the start and almost screaming. I still smile every time I see it sitting on my desk. I’ll probably keep the box for sentimental reasons. It’s a special thing. It may seem small, just one piece of PR. But it’s still my first. I’ve never gotten this before, and you’ve never seen it over here.

And sure, I get PR from a small indie nail polish brand before this. That’s still there, and I’m still forever grateful for that as well. I never want to minimize that experience, and I’ll still be working with that brand because I love it. At this point, it almost feels like me critiquing and giving points to a friend. I’m just helping out a smaller brand as they continue on.

However, this one is Sally Hansen. It’s a bigger brand and a whole different ballgame. It’s a product you can find in drugstores, and I’m one of a bunch of bloggers that it was sent to. It still feels special in a whole new way.

It means I get to try out a product that I was interested in, but that I honesty hadn’t planned on buying for a while, or at all, because of budgeting.

I know it seems like I buy a lot of makeup and nail polish (because I do), and at this point in my life as a single young woman living by herself in the city with a full time job, I’m able to portion out a part of my paycheck each month for fun purchases. But I’m nowhere near rich, and I can’t afford to buy everything that catches my eye currently. I do hold myself back and pick and choose over some things that I wish I could review, but will pass on because there are other brands that I feature more on this blog. I would love to add on more, and hopefully as my budget continues to grow, I can.

So here’s what it really means: this is just another product I get to feature on the blog, and talk about to you honestly. I’m always honest with you guys, and I never will change that. I have your trust at this point, and I can’t ever give that up, even for more free products.

I was even transparent about this in my email accepting these products. I said I would be reviewing them honestly, and the free product doesn’t guarantee a positive review. It never does, and never will. I’m excited about them, but I’ll talk about the formula and any issues openly.

You might just assume all of this already and think this is a pointless post. It’s just something I wanted to get out there, and emphasize, especially for this very first piece of PR. It’s a policy I’ll continue on with, and if I get lucky enough to continue to receive more, I’ll make sure the same transparency is there with every single company. It’s about you guys, and your trust in me in the end.

It’s just something I wanted to talk about, and I’m glad you’re all here with me and supporting me. Without you guys, I wouldn’t even be here talking about this now.

I can’t wait to talk about even more polish with you all.


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My 2019 Goals & Resolutions

This post is entirely too late. I mean, it’s already the 6th of January, and where has the time gone? I’ve sat down and continued honing and crafting this list of goals – to make them more specific, as well as streamline the rambling, and cut down the long paragraphs I originally had as I organized my thoughts (that’s right, this post was EVEN LONGER before this).

It’s the beginning of a new year, so of course (call it cliche if you will) it’s time for a resolutions post. Maybe this post is just for me, maybe you’ll find inspirations, maybe you do really care about what I want to improve this year, and help yell at me when I need to get back on track. Either way, I’ve written down my thoughts to have a record for them, as well as hold myself accountable. They’re defined in terms I know I can accomplish, and organizing makes it seem less overwhelming.

They’ve been split up into 3 categories, with separate goals underneath them. Blog Goals, of course, about my posting on my blog and Instagram. Collection Goals, all about the mass of makeup and nail polish I’ve acquired, as well as other items I own. And Personal Goals, on how I want to make small improvements for myself.

2019 is about being in love with myself, and the things I choose to surround myself with, and being the best possible version of me. I’m the only one who can make these small improvements, and make 2019 the best year yet.

Do you have any resolutions? Keep reading to see mine below, and Happy New Year.

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Sorry, I’ve been MIA.

Hey guys!

So you might have noticed that I’ve been a little MIA this week. And will be next week. Lemme explain.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m right in the middle of my final semester of college, crazy right? Well, during that senior semester, since I’m a graphic design major, part of the requirements is completing a semester long final project. We’re getting down into the final week of that project, so that means I’ll be super busy.

This means I’m not going to have time to post this next week, or even work on posts. But once this project is completed on April 2nd, I’ll finally be back – and much less stressed.

Until that time hang on with me, I promise I’ll be back and better than ever after that – posting about the new spring collections that have already come out (I know I’m already late but school comes first). So this was just the explanation of my absence, so it’s not just a cold shoulder from me.

I’ll see you all on April 3rd for a new post. Be sure to join me then.

ALERT: Target Clearance! Jan 2017

There’s clearance everywhere and I feel personally victimized.

This post is just to highlight some deals I saw at Target specifically – there’s ton more to be discovered than just the ones I mentioned. Since there’s new Spring products coming out the wazoo, stores are making room, and getting rid of older, less popular products. Nothing is safe – foundations  (hint: CoverGirl ‘Ready Set Gorgeous’ – love it), eyeshadows, eyeliners, lipstick and more! These are just a few deals I noticed at my local store – so I’m sure there’s more at yours! Hop and skip on over there and get you some discounted makeup!

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Coming Soon! – New Releases and the Holidays

That’s right, you read that correctly. The Holidays are coming. Halloween is just around the corner, and all of the holiday collections have been released.

I plan on having the 3 big holiday collections on my blog eventually – this includes Orly, OPI, and China Glaze. In this post I’ll give you a little preview of the 3 (since yes, they are out already), and places where you can pick them up.

I will eventually have posts with swatches and all the dirty details of these collections – so watch out for those in the upcoming months.

For now, a preview.

First up, Orly! I have not yet reviewed Orly on my blog, and I feel they go under the radar as far as mainstream brands, and I have only a few shades from them as well, but the ones I do, I love their formulas! So I want to give more love to a brand that is always there for us.

Orly’s Holiday Collection is called the ‘Sunset Strip’ collection and includes 6 shades. You can buy this collection on for $4.25 a piece now, or on for $5.50 a piece.

Description of this collection says:

“On the mile-and-a-half stretch of Sunset Boulevard that extends from Hollywood to Beverly Hills deals are made. Stars are born. Over-sized billboards blink in sync with over-sized egos as tourists and wannabes crowd into some of L.A.’s most storied nightclubs. The Sunset Strip is where you go to catch a glimpse into the private lives of the rich and famous.”


Here are the shades! These colors are all an untraditional yet traditional colors. Does that make sense? I think I might be most excited for this collection because of it’s choice of bold and bright jewel tones.

Next is China Glaze. China Glaze’s Holiday 2016 collection is called ‘Seas and Greetings’ and is a 12 piece collection. This collection is now available on for $3.25 a piece.

Here is the description for this collection:

“Tis the sea-sun for holiday cheer and this year China Glaze is taking you on a tropical escape from the traditional snowy white climate. The CHILL vibe of this collection has nothing to do with climate and everything to do with attitude. The relaxed feel of the beach with classic holiday joy has this winter warming up. With a colour palette that embodies woven accents of glitter with faded ocean blues and weathered seashells brings this coastal holiday collection to life.”

Is this the year of untraditional holiday tones? If so, I’m excited.


You can see the colors and their descriptions here! Personally I love the idea of bright jewel tones, and soft pastels for the holidays.

And last but not least, the collection everyone seems to be already buzzing about – OPI’s. OPI’s Holiday 2016 collection is the ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ collection and is of course based on the famous Audrey Hepburn movie. This another 12 piece collection, and is currently available on for $5.25 a piece.

PolishPick’s website says:

“Women are still awed by Audrey Hepburn’s impeccable style and glamour 55 years later. Her iconic style, along with Breakfast at Tiffany’s, one of the top fashionable films of all time has changed the way women look at fashion, accessories, jewelry, and beauty. From the adaptation of classic Hollywood glamour on the red carpet or re-enacted in photo shoots, there is a bit of Audrey in every woman.”

For me this collection seems to have the traditional holiday colors in it, with rich jewel tones, and lots of reds, and of course, the iconic Tiffany blue. ‘Champagne for Breakfast’ and ‘Sunrise… Bedtime’ are beautiful glitters that I can’t wait to try out.

As always, these collections will be available at Ulta and your local beauty supply store in due time – I’m just giving you websites where they’re available right now, and where I’ll be ordering from.

Be on the lookout for my posts with swatches and reviews of these coming in the next couple months!

Are there any shades you’ll be picking up? Which ones are you most excited about?