My 2019 Goals & Resolutions

This post is entirely too late. I mean, it’s already the 6th of January, and where has the time gone? I’ve sat down and continued honing and crafting this list of goals – to make them more specific, as well as streamline the rambling, and cut down the long paragraphs I originally had as I organized my thoughts (that’s right, this post was EVEN LONGER before this).

It’s the beginning of a new year, so of course (call it cliche if you will) it’s time for a resolutions post. Maybe this post is just for me, maybe you’ll find inspirations, maybe you do really care about what I want to improve this year, and help yell at me when I need to get back on track. Either way, I’ve written down my thoughts to have a record for them, as well as hold myself accountable. They’re defined in terms I know I can accomplish, and organizing makes it seem less overwhelming.

They’ve been split up into 3 categories, with separate goals underneath them. Blog Goals, of course, about my posting on my blog and Instagram. Collection Goals, all about the mass of makeup and nail polish I’ve acquired, as well as other items I own. And Personal Goals, on how I want to make small improvements for myself.

2019 is about being in love with myself, and the things I choose to surround myself with, and being the best possible version of me. I’m the only one who can make these small improvements, and make 2019 the best year yet.

Do you have any resolutions? Keep reading to see mine below, and Happy New Year.

Blog Goals

1. Post even more, and consistently.

Well this is a win-win for both of us really. And it’s just what it says there. I just want to continue to post more and even more regularly. Sometimes I’ve let this get behind and not post for a while, and then I get behind on reviews and stress myself out (even though I do love it). I also have this problem of letting reviews that will take longer posts just get left behind, and then suddenly I’m not reviewing the product in a timely manner or at all. It’s all about just starting, and telling someone how I feel about new makeup and nail polish.

So you know, I’m going to try to avoid that a little more this year. Let’s go with at least twice a week on the blog, as well as working up to every day on Instagram (maybe even more blog posts if I get particularly ambitious. We’ll see, it’s all about setting reasonable goals here).

2. Schedule and plan better.

One of my problems that leads to sometimes lagging in posting is when I get busy in life, whether it’s traveling, or having friends visit, or just hanging out with friends in the city, and I don’t have any posts scheduled up. (Or just plain having no motivation). I want to work on this, and really use a planner and schedule out more. I was inspired to do this from one of my favorite YouTubers, Angelica Nyqvist. She has a full time job while also posting consistently on YouTube, and she says it’s all helped by scheduling and planning. Hearing her say that made me realize I need to be better at managing free time, whether it’s swatching or writing posts. I can get lagged behind with not having motivation, but maybe when it’s scheduled out and written down, I’ll be less overwhelmed and it’ll be easier to go into the next project. Or when life does get busy, have some backup posts ready to go as well.

Collection Goals

1. Destash & Organize.

As one may guess from reading this blog and seeing all the products I post about, I have a pretty large collection. Makeup wise, I’m pretty good at going through and getting rid of products that I’m not loving anymore (and often donating them). I do need to go through and organize again, and depot and combine. Eyeshadow palettes will always be my vice, and I’ll always have so many, but I’m learning that I just don’t like having tons of options in other areas – for example, bronzers and mascaras and foundations. I’ve been doing so well using up old products, and only buying new ones when they’re gone. I want to continue doing this, and have only products I truly love.

With nail polishes, it’s a whole different story. This year, I’m starting the terrifying and overwhelming process of destashing some polishes. I’m getting overwhelmed with how many I have, and how they’re almost filling my drawers. So it’s time to get in, compare colors and destash ones that aren’t my favorites or are duplicates. I don’t need to keep every single polish ever, and I need to break that mindset to help me overall. I’m bringing in so many each year, that I need to start having some go out as well.

This destashing and organizing goes to all parts of my life, including my closet and books and kitchen products as well. I’ll eventually be moving to a smaller space, and while I’ll never be a minimalist, I want it to be all things that give me joy, and that I actually use. I’m using up products before I pick up new ones, in the ways of lotions and skincare. If I know I really won’t use it, I pass it on. It’s slow, and constant, but I’m getting better at truly curating.

2. Use my collection.

Self-explanatory. I’m swatching and reviewing polishes and then they’re going into my drawers. I need to be better at using my collection, even after it’s been swatched, and if I don’t love a polish, to let it go. I need to just use and love the products I have.

3. Get creative.

This is the year that I’m continuing to really just be bold with my makeup and polish. I’m already wild with my eyeshadow (blessed to have a workplace that doesn’t mind – in fact, my boss regularly compliments it, and they got me an Ulta gift card this year for Christmas). I want to continue to really play with colors. To try new color combinations, and eyeshadow shapes. I have a go-to eyelook that I do now, just switching out the colors. I want to try new shapes and placements, and just really have fun. As well as start posting them more for you guys to see. I want to wear my crazy lipsticks, and bold blush looks. I want to stop thinking what others would see, and just have fun and play and truly find my own style.

Personal Goals

1. More self-care.

This goes for skincare, haircare, and my nails. For all 3 of these, I’m at a good place with my care, but this year is when I’m deciding to really dive into my routine, and make it even better. For skin, it’s clear with the occasional breakout – so now I will find those serums and products that will really perfect it. To work on my texture and scarring. To create a good routine and take care of it now, to carry on as I get older.

Same goes with my hair and nails. I’ve been growing out my hair, and it’s fine, so it dries out and breaks easily. It needs to be conditioned and loved just a little more, so it’s just even healthier going forward, and I’m not constantly having to cut off inches of dead ends with each trim.

And my nails. My nails are basically the stars of this blog, and I don’t take care of them as well as I should be. I’ve had too many breaks and splits whenever they get longer, and I want to solve these, and give these babies the treatment they really deserve. If I’m going to continue this blog, and swatching and using my nails constantly, they need love. More cuticle and moisturizing treatments. They are going to be treated like goddesses.

Along those lines, this brings me to my 2nd goal…

2. Be healthier.

This is another one where again I’ve slowly started it, but I could be much better. I’m drinking more water, and eating a little bit healthier. But lord, did the holidays derail that one. I’ve eaten far too much junk, and sat around entirely, it’s time for a detox.

I want to get more creative with my cooking and add in healthier ingredients and switch out less healthy ones. I want to feel good after I eat, and feel full and that I’m putting good things into my body.

I’ve also let my exercising fall down, so I need to get back into that (considering I’m still paying for that gym membership). I’m being realistic with myself and setting a goal of going to the gym once a week at first, and then slowly adding in more days per week as I fit it into my schedule. I also would love to start doing some Yoga on the days I don’t want to journey all the way to the gym, to stay flexible and limber. I just need to keep doing a little more, and staying a little more active. Again, I want to start a routine now, and continue it on to keep myself healthy.


I’m at an average and good place with all of these goals, now it’s about improving them and taking small steps to get them to the next level. I’m not putting in set dates and deadlines, as I know they’re all slow and steady improvement and steps. I want to do it for me, as I know I’m capable, and I’m looking for more.

I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings.



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