My First Post!

Here’s my first post on my new blog, Gingerly Polished, an entirely nail polish dedicated blog. I’m just a college student that buys entirely too much nail polish and then talks about it to strangers on the Internet.

Nail polish excites me, and I know there’s people out there that are excited by it too. That’s what this blog is for. Just a chat about nail polish – new ones I’ve picked up, new collections that are coming out, and great deals on nail polish I find. 

I can’t promise to post on a regular schedule – I’m heading into my senior year of college, so it’s about to get crazy. But because it’s something I love, whenever I can, I will put a post up. My goal is once a week, but sometimes that might not happen. 

I also can’t promise to have ALL of the newest collections. Again, I am a college student. Although I do have a job I love that pays me enough for rent and all that, I don’t have endless amounts of money for nail polish and to buy every single one that comes into the market each season. Now, I do spend a lot more money on nail polish than the average person – this is because it’s my passion. I’m not buying video games, music, or anything else like that. I’m choosing to spend my extra on my passion – which happens to be mass amounts of nail polish.

I try to never spend more than $5 on a single bottle. This means I like to stick to Sinful Colors, Pure Ice, and those other drugstore brands. I will always buy an OPI if I find a good deal (OPI is my favorite nail polish brand), and I’ll always tell you where you can potentially find that same deal.

I’ll always provide swatches, whether on nail wheel or on actual nails when I can, whenever talking about a polish.

No matter what, there will be nail polish for the junkie inside all of us. That’s all that matters.

Enjoy, Gingerly Polished. 

2 thoughts on “My First Post!

  1. Howdy!! I have a hard time spending full price on Opi even though I love that brand and my collection is mostly Sinful Colors because well it is just nail polish BUT I love nail polish and frugality so I will be watching your blog with avid interest!!!!!

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    • I love OPI too, but when I think to myself “I can buy five sinful colors for one bottle of OPI” it’s so difficult to do! welcome to my blog! I will definitely be doing posts on discounted OPI hauls soon!


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