Review/Swatches: L’Oreal ‘Gold Dust’ FULL COLLECTION


GroupI was grocery shopping when I had to swag over to the beauty section to find some toner. While meandering over there I saw a clearance section. It had nail polish on it and well… I’m not sorry for what I’ve done.

All of the polishes that I picked up were from the textured ‘Gold Dust’ collection L’Oreal put out in the beginning of 2014. I had ‘The Statement Piece’ already and absolutely loved it, so when I saw other shades from this collection, especially for only $2.50, I snatched. Snatched so hard.

They’re all on clearance so I can only assume that they’re going to be discontinued soon and are selling off the stocks. So head out and grab these before they’re gone.

I found all 9 shades of the collection. 7 of the 9 were from Walmart, and then I found the last 2 I needed at Walgreens for half off.

All of these have absolutely beautiful formulas. They’re fully opaque in two coats (some shades only 1!) and are so easy to work with. I also find they dry quicker than other formulas, and last longer on the nails because of the texture.

Now if you’re not a texture person, you obviously won’t like these. They give a nice little rough texture on the nails, like sandpaper, but it’s nothing your hair or clothing is getting caught on. It does smooth down after a day or two. But they’re so absolutely gorgeous and I love them. SPARKLES. IT’S LIKE DIPPING YOUR FINGERS IN GEMS. And I know that it’s summer, but you can WEAR SPARKLES ALL YEAR ROUND. They’ll be perfect for the holiday seasons or just if you want to be a fabulous little disco ball in your every day life.

Down below are bottle shots and the individual shades swatched on a nail wheel.

136 – ‘Too Dimensional?’ is a lilac-toned blue-purple base. It has larger silver-blue glitter pieces along with gold microshimmer. The gold microshimmers are really prominent on this one, and it’s just beautiful. (Spoiler alert, I’m going to say these are all beautiful).





137 – ‘Sexy in Sequins’ is a darker purple base, with large lilac-purple glitters and black and red microshimmers. If you look closely, especially in the swatch, you can also see slight green microshimmers in there as well. (This is actually the polish I’m wearing in the photos).



138 – ‘The Statement Piece’ is the one I had before, and was the first of the collection I wore. It’s more of a white based gold with larger silver and gold glitters and gold microshimmer. I wore this for New Years this past year, and absolutely loved it. When I had it on I couldn’t stop staring at my nails. I was mesmerized.



139 – ‘Rough Around the Edges’ is a black base with gold and silver microshimmers.



140 – ‘Diamond in the Rough’ is a dusty-lilac base with larger lilac glitters, as well as lilac microshimmer. It’s a true lilac, in the way that it’s monochromatic, but it’s just so dimensional and just absolutely beautiful.



141 – ‘Hidden Gems’ is exactly how it sounds. It looks like some beautiful gems hidden among a nice black background. It’s a black base with large gold glitters and blue microshimmer. On this one, the larger gold glitters are the most prominent, contrasting against the base shade way more than on the other shades. The blue microshimmer is not as vibrant when swatched, as in the bottle.



142 – ‘Pop the Bubbles’ was the other shade I was most excited about. It’s a beautiful sky blue base with large silver glitters, and silver and sky blue microshimmers. It’s like ‘Diamond in the Rough’ in the way that it’s more monochromatic than the others, but it’s still so dimensional and just absolutely gorgeous. I wore this to a wedding recently, because you know it’s also my day.



143 – ‘The Reign of Studs’ is a purple base with large purple glitters and purple microshimmer. It’s much more cool toned than ‘Diamond in the Rough’. Another monochromatic shade.



144 – ‘I Like it Chunky’ 1. I hate the word chunky, but 2. this is such a unique and interesting color. This is a dusty orange base with large gold glitters, some larger pink glitters and gold microshimmer. It’s definitely a warm orange, so it’ll be interesting to see how it looks on my pale skin. But yolo.



I love these shades and am so happy that I have the full collection now.


2 thoughts on “Review/Swatches: L’Oreal ‘Gold Dust’ FULL COLLECTION

    • Statement piece is just absolutely incredible. It was my gateway drug into owning the entire collection ha!


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