Swatch/Review: Sinful Colors ‘Sinful With a Kiss’ Valentine’s 2017 Collection

Love is in the air! Or at least, lots of new nail polish releases, and that’s basically the same thing.

Sinful Colors is just pooping out collections, and I can’t say I don’t love it. I’m going to do my best to get as many collections up here as I can, as they come into my store, so you can keep track of them all! So be ready for all sorts of collections coming up – Kandee Johnson ‘Anime’ Collection, the St. Patrick’s Day collection, as well as other spring collections that I’ve seen little previews of. SO MANY NEW POLISHES.

But for today I have the Sinful Colors Valentine’s Day collection for 2017! This is a collection of 8 polishes – 4 new original polishes, and 4 re-promotes from previous times. I’m going to have the 4 new polishes first, then the 4 re-promotes.

So let’s get on into the swatches!

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TBT: OPI ‘New Orleans’ Collection

Welcome to my first ‘TBT’ collection post! This is when I’m taking an older collection that’s been out for a while, that I own, where I just talk about it again. Collections I’ve never swatched or posted about, but are still relevant and around.

I’ve seen this done before, and really like the idea, and for my birthday/Christmas, my boyfriend gifted me the entire ‘New Orleans’ collection from OPI. I’m so lucky he enables my addiction. And it just seemed perfect for a throwback post.

So today’s TBT post is about the OPI ‘New Orleans’ collection, as you might have gathered from earlier. This is still fully available in Ulta stores, so you can still get your hands on many of these shades (if you haven’t yet, there are some definite ones in here to consider).

This collection came out for Spring 2016, so it’s still relatively new, and fitting timing with the Spring 2017 collection coming soon! It’s a 12 piece collection of mainly creams, with 2 shimmers, and 1 metallic. It’s a big collection so let’s just get into it!

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Swatch/Review: Sinful Colors Kandee Johnson ‘Pretty Vintage’ *Updated* FULL Collection

The first nail post of 2017 is here! I know there’s been a lot of makeup lately, but I’m going back to where I started – with Sinful Colors. You can always count on me reviewing the newest Sinful Colors collections here (provided I find them in my Walgreens).

Today I have the Kandee Johnson ‘Pretty Vintage’ collection! As soon as I saw advertising for this, I basically ran to my Walgreens to snatch it up. I had to have it. Now Kandee Johnson has 2 collections out with Sinful Colors – this is the ‘Pretty Vintage’ one full of cream colors. The other is the ‘Vintage Anime’ and had more glitters.

This collection is a collaboration with, obviously, YouTuber Kandee Johnson. Kandee is so absolutely talented, and just seems like such a lovely person, so I was very excited to see these, especially when I saw the colors! This is a 12 color collection, but I was able to find 7 of the shades that are in the most popular display – apparently the others are a little hard to find. If I ever find them, I’ll be sure to update the post. *UPDATE* I found one of the full displays that has all 12 shades on it, so I have the full collection now! I’ll start with the first 7, and then put the newest ones I’m found at the end.

I’m going to go in numerical order for these ones, so let’s just hop right in! Onto the swatches!

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Swatch/Review: Essie Winter 2016 FULL Collection

Happy belated Thanksgiving! From visiting with the family and stuffing myself, to catching up on homework that I didn’t touch over winter break, there was a little break in my posting. But here I am! Full on into holidays! We only have so much time before Christmas, crazy to think about!

I picked up the Zoya Holiday collection in their Black Friday sale so a review will be coming on that, as well as a review on the OPI collection as well at least before Christmas. I want to pick up the China Glaze collection as well, but if that has to wait until after Christmas and just be a winter collection, it will. I’m coming up on finals guys so it’s getting crazy!

But now, let’s get on into the Essie Winter 2016 collection! This is a 6 shade collection.

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Swatch/Review: Essie Fall 2016 FULL COLLECTION

I was to apologize for the nice hot minute it’s been since I’ve posted. I’m right in the middle of my senior year of college (dear god I have to be an adult soon) and that’s terrifying. I just finished a big project (today!) so that’s why this post has just been waiting in the background and it’s been so long since you’ve heard from me. But don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere!

Now, it’s no secret that OPI is my one great love in the nail polish world. And that’s right, I was an OPI snob. Before this blog, I owned about 8 Essie shades in total, compared to the 30-something of OPI I had collected over the years. I don’t know why, I just didn’t lean towards Essie that much.

But I’m working to even the gap! I am a polish-opportunist. Any and all brands are open to my trial, and it starts now.

Essie put out a beautiful fall collection out now, and as I began to see photos of it, I knew I had to have them all (and of course I knew I had to swatch them for you guys). I picked them up from TransDesign.

This collection is based on Japan, and there are 6 colors in this collection. (Spoiler: I love them all).

Let’s get into the swatches. And at the very end, after them all, I have comparisons on a couple colors as well!

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Review/Swatch: Sinful Colors ‘Fashion Flash’ FULL COLLECTION

I have the next newest collection from Sinful Colors! This one is called ‘Fashion Flash’. It has 8 polishes, and all of them have the ‘Luxe Fragments’ sticker on their cap. They’re all $2 each. I found these all at Walgreens.

I found all of these have the same formula really. They’re all a jelly base with differently colored shimmers, glitters and flakes, or “luxe fragments” throughout. They all take 2-3 coats to get opaque depending on how thick of coats you use. And because it’s a jelly formula, I’ve found that it will take a little longer to dry than normal creams, especially if you put on a thicker layer. The flakes distribute evenly without having to place them, and they don’t stick up really. Because there are flakes, it doesn’t dry textured, but it is bumpy. I also found that these dry semi-matte, so you’ll need a top coat to really bring out the shine and dimension. Removal isn’t as terrible as a normal glitter, but because you do have those flakes, they can take a little scrubbing, and I did get glitter everywhere after removal. Something to keep in mind.

Now onto the individual shades!

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Review/Swatches: Pure Ice ‘All Class’ Collection


For those of you who don’t know, Pure Ice is a brand exclusive to Walmart. They retail for $2 each.

As you can tell, this never happens. Being up here in the UP, we don’t seem to keep up on the latest nail collections in our Walmart. I missed out on the Demi-matte summer collection (which looked SO beautiful) because I just never could find it my Walmart. However, this time I got lucky. I was looking for face wash, and of course, had to see if anything was being clearanced out in the makeup, and BEHOLD an entire section of Pure Ice polishes. It was weird because these all had clearance stickers on them (but were only $1.97 instead of $2 what a steal) and the fall collection was mixed in with other colors. So it wasn’t on its own display. So I guess if you can’t find these at all, look for the hidden gems. Like a treasure hunt.

Anywho, enough about my triumphs. Let’s just get into this collection.

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Review/Swatches: Sinful Colors ‘Faceted Illusions’ FULL COLLECTION

2 new Sinful Colors collections popped up at my Walgreens (it was like Christmas, really), so of course I needed them all. I picked this full collection up first, and then a review of the other collection will be up in the next coming weeks!

This particular collection is called ‘Sinful Illusions’. There are 8 shades. All of them are labeled with the limited edition ‘Iridescent Color’ sticker. And it means that all of them have a beautiful iridescent shimmer throughout that makes them so unique.

I’m not sure if this collection is in the Sinful Shine line or not. They have the silver, instead of matte black, cap, and they ring up for $3 instead, but they don’t say “Sinful Shine” on the bottle like the others in the line do. So it just might be a super special collection.

According to Sinful Colors Instagram, the official release for these is September 1st – these popped up early at my Walgreens, so check and they might be available now.

I picked up all 8 shades and I’m going to go in numerical order for this, so let’s get right into it.

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Review/Swatches: Sinful Colors ‘Stand Down to Stand Out’ FULL COLLECTION


I was over at Walgreens looking for the new back to school collection from Wet N Wild. My Walgreens didn’t have it yet, but they did have this collection from Sinful Colors.

Now, I’m not going to lie. I had seen this for a while and hadn’t picked it up because of the ‘Camo’ name. (All my experiences of Camo were from my small town high school and I wasn’t ready to revisit that). But I finally caved, and bought the whole collection, as the glitters included really intrigued me. And I mean, it’s Sinful Colors so the whole thing was only $16 to pick up.

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Review/Swatches: L’Oreal ‘Gold Dust’ FULL COLLECTION


GroupI was grocery shopping when I had to swag over to the beauty section to find some toner. While meandering over there I saw a clearance section. It had nail polish on it and well… I’m not sorry for what I’ve done.

All of the polishes that I picked up were from the textured ‘Gold Dust’ collection L’Oreal put out in the beginning of 2014. I had ‘The Statement Piece’ already and absolutely loved it, so when I saw other shades from this collection, especially for only $2.50, I snatched. Snatched so hard.

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