TBT: OPI ‘New Orleans’ Collection

Welcome to my first ‘TBT’ collection post! This is when I’m taking an older collection that’s been out for a while, that I own, where I just talk about it again. Collections I’ve never swatched or posted about, but are still relevant and around.

I’ve seen this done before, and really like the idea, and for my birthday/Christmas, my boyfriend gifted me the entire ‘New Orleans’ collection from OPI. I’m so lucky he enables my addiction. And it just seemed perfect for a throwback post.

So today’s TBT post is about the OPI ‘New Orleans’ collection, as you might have gathered from earlier. This is still fully available in Ulta stores, so you can still get your hands on many of these shades (if you haven’t yet, there are some definite ones in here to consider).

This collection came out for Spring 2016, so it’s still relatively new, and fitting timing with the Spring 2017 collection coming soon! It’s a 12 piece collection of mainly creams, with 2 shimmers, and 1 metallic. It’s a big collection so let’s just get into it!

First is ‘Let Me Bayou a Drink’. This is a light pink shimmer. This took 3 coats to be fully opaque – but super smooth easy to work with formula.


Next is one of my favorites. ‘Humidi-Tea’ is a peachy-champagne shimmer. This one is just such a gorgeous nude on my skin tone. Depending on application, 2-3 coats. But unf, just look at it.


‘Suzi Nails New Orleans’ is a bright, cool-toned pink cream. This was another smooth formula, 2-3 coats depending on thickness of application.


‘Spare Me a French Quarter?’ is a lovely raspberry cream. This took me only 2 coats to be opaque. Another smooth cream.


‘She’s a Bad Muffuletta!’ is a fiery red-coral cream. It’s so bright it was almost hard to photograph. This might be my favorite formula of the collection. It took only 2 smooth easy coats, and almost just glows from within.


‘Got Myself Into a Jam-Balaya’ is a bright coral-toned peach color. This is 2-3 coats depending on your application. Broken record: easy to work with formula.


‘Crawfishin’ for Compliments’ is a bright yellow-toned orange cream. This unfortunately was still a little streaky after 3 coats. So this is probably the lowest formula of the bunch.


‘I’m Soooo Swamped!’ is a bright, well swampy, green cream. This was 2 easy coats to make it opaque.


‘Rich Girls & Po-Boys’ is a bright cornflower blue cream. Again, 2-3 coats depending on your application thickness.


‘Show Us Your Tips!’ *giggles like 14 year old at name* is a purple-toned blue shimmer. This took 3 thin coats for opaque. Despite it’s formula taking some work, I just really love this color.


‘I Manicure for Beads’ is a warm-toned purple cream. This was 2 easy coats to opaque.


And last but not least, ‘Take a Right on Bourbon’ is a warm-toned silver metallic. Am I the only one who feels like this doesn’t fit as well with the others? Maybe with all these creams, the metallic to me seems random but whatever. 2-3 coats to make it opaque, and as you can see with this metallic the brush strokes are still very obvious.


So there’s the collection! There are so many bright colorful shades in there that just have me wishing for more spring sunshine and less of the messy, melting gray snow I have now. I would have to say my two favorites of the bunch, based on formula and color are ‘Humidi-Tea’ and ‘She’s a Bad Muffuletta!’.

Do you guys own any of this collection? And how do you like these throwback posts? Let me know!


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2 thoughts on “TBT: OPI ‘New Orleans’ Collection

  1. I only picked up I’m Sooo Swamped and Show Us Your Tips (it is gorgeous, but had to have it for the name, I love OPI’s sophomoric humor). The more I see Rich Girls and Po Boys I feel a need for it… beautiful! I love throwback posts, it’s always fun to discover gems that I missed :]


    • Always love to see your comments 🙂 and I wasn’t sure how much I would love it until I put it on and just unf. It’s always there waiting for you… 😉 and I’m glad to hear that the tbt post works! I would love to do more and I love reading them.

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