Swatch/Review: Sinful Colors ‘Sinful With a Kiss’ Valentine’s 2017 Collection

Love is in the air! Or at least, lots of new nail polish releases, and that’s basically the same thing.

Sinful Colors is just pooping out collections, and I can’t say I don’t love it. I’m going to do my best to get as many collections up here as I can, as they come into my store, so you can keep track of them all! So be ready for all sorts of collections coming up – Kandee Johnson ‘Anime’ Collection, the St. Patrick’s Day collection, as well as other spring collections¬†that I’ve seen little previews of. SO MANY NEW POLISHES.

But for today I have the Sinful Colors Valentine’s Day collection for 2017! This is a collection of 8 polishes – 4 new original polishes, and 4 re-promotes from previous times. I’m going to have the 4 new polishes first, then the 4 re-promotes.

So let’s get on into the swatches!

3 of the new shades are these gorgeous metallics, and then there is one topper.

The first new shade is 2200 – ‘It’s About Valen-Time’. This is a warm-toned pink-silver metallic. I’ve noticed that the 3 metallic shades have the same formula. They’re all wonderfully smooth and easy to control. They can be opaque in 1 coat, but using two gives a richer finish with more depth. Super lovely to work with.


It does have those little streaks of silver going through the bottle, but it doesn’t appear like this on the nail, the color is nice and mixed.


2201 – ‘Break Dance Not Hearts’ is a lilac purple-silver metallic. Again, same formula as the previous one – this was 2 easy coats.



2202 – ‘Readie or Not’ is a gorgeous burgundy-silver metallic. Again, another lovely, easy 2 coat formula. These metallics are absolutely gorgeous and I already say snatch them up quick if you see them.



Next is the topper, 2203 – ‘Kissful Thinking’. This is a clear jelly base with white glitters and little red metallic lip pieces. As you can see, the white glitters lay down very smoothly and easily. You do have to fish a little for the lips, but they do come up on their own, and are not terrible hard to get. They can stick up a little bit, especially if your nail is rounded like mine.



Here it is with one coat over ‘Boom Boom’ – one of the re-promotes I’ll talk about next. I was able to get the lips without too much difficulty.


And speaking of ‘Boom Boom’, let’s start with the re-promotes! 851 – ‘Boom Boom’ is right in between a crelly and a cream. It’s so thick and juicy, but yet also opaque and creamy. It can be opaque in 1 thick coat, but adding 2 makes it richer and squishier.


852 – ‘Gogo Girl’ has the same formula as ‘Boom Boom’ above (I mean, they are one number apart so it makes sense). Again, it can be opaque in 1 easy coat, but 2 makes it thicker and squishier. Lovely, classic red formula.


1508 – ‘Pink Smart’ is a light bubblegum pink cream. (I also noticed this shade on their 2017 New Colors collection that has a bunch of new shades – so that’s something to note). This is like any light pastel, in that depending on thickness of application it can take 2-3 coats. I did 3 here to cover all of the uneven patches. But it is still a smooth easy formula, and a lovely standard pink to have in your collection.


This last shade might be my favorite, along with the metallics. 1701 – ‘Lie-Lac’ is a gorgeous lilac cream. This can be opaque in 1 thicker coat – I did 2 here. This is an absolutely gorgeous formula, and it’s a great staple color to have in one’s collection for spring. This might be my Valentine this year (sorry, boyfriend).


I also have one comparison to show you! I compared ‘Pink Smart’ (pointer-ring) against China Glaze’s ‘Fresh Prince-ss’ (middle-pinky) from their recent fall collection. As you can see ‘Fresh Prince-ss’ is lighter than ‘Pink Smart’.


So there’s your Valentine’s 2017 collection! Are you planning on picking any up?? Overall, I do really like all of these colors! They’re standard Valentine’s colors – but what more could you want? All of the re-promotes are great standards to have if you’re looking to build up your collection. And I honestly didn’t find a bad formula in the bunch.

So happy Valentine’s Day to you all, and I hope you spend the day with a love – whether a partner, or nail polish :).



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