Review/Swatch: Sinful Colors ‘Fashion Flash’ FULL COLLECTION

I have the next newest collection from Sinful Colors! This one is called ‘Fashion Flash’. It has 8 polishes, and all of them have the ‘Luxe Fragments’ sticker on their cap. They’re all $2 each. I found these all at Walgreens.

I found all of these have the same formula really. They’re all a jelly base with differently colored shimmers, glitters and flakes, or “luxe fragments” throughout. They all take 2-3 coats to get opaque depending on how thick of coats you use. And because it’s a jelly formula, I’ve found that it will take a little longer to dry than normal creams, especially if you put on a thicker layer. The flakes distribute evenly without having to place them, and they don’t stick up really. Because there are flakes, it doesn’t dry textured, but it is bumpy. I also found that these dry semi-matte, so you’ll need a top coat to really bring out the shine and dimension. Removal isn’t as terrible as a normal glitter, but because you do have those flakes, they can take a little scrubbing, and I did get glitter everywhere after removal. Something to keep in mind.

Now onto the individual shades!

2089 – ‘Piece Out Pink’ is a pink jelly base with silver microshimmer, large bright glitters and metallic fuchsia flakies. This polish covers the nail line in 2 coats, but with 3, it deepens the color a little, and also adds so much dimension as the shimmers layer over themselves.

Piece Out Pink

2090 – ‘Couture for Sure’ is a dark blue, almost navy, jelly base with purple microshimmer, and purple metallic flakes. This one required 2-3 coats, depending on how thick your coats were. The color deepens to a dark navy blue with a purple shift.

Couture For Sure

2091 – ‘Tear it Up’ is the deeper of the two blues in the collection. It’s a blue jelly base, with super subtle blue-purple microshimmer and bright blue flakes. I found this one took me 3 thin coats to cover the nail line. This is another one that the 3rd coat just adds a layer of depth and dimension with the shimmers layering up on themselves. On this one you can see the demi-matte finish after it dries down.

Tear It Up

2092 – ‘Silver Slivers’ is a slate gray base with silver microshimmers, silver glitter and silver flakies. Like all the others this took 2-3 coats, depending on how thickly you applied your coats. This is one of the ones where the flakes are super apparent in contrast to the base.

Silver Slivers

2093 – ‘Walk the Walk’ is a red jelly base with red-pink microshimmers, red glitters and red flakes. This one took only 2 coats to cover the nail line. With the 3rd it makes the color just richer and more beautiful. I found this one to have the best formula out of all the bunch. Though they all have pretty much the same formula, I found this one had the best coverage out of the other 8 shades. And the color, with the flakes and everything, just reminds me of ruby red shoes, like Dorothy.

Walk the Walk

2094 – ‘Strike a Pose’ is a black jelly base with gold microshimmers, gold glitters and gold flakes. Like all the others it had a sheer 1st coat, and then was opaque in 2-3 coats depending on how thickly you apply your coats. Another one where the flakes really stand out against the base. This was the one that actually held up my swatching of this collection. I opened the bottle to find there was no brush on the end of the cap – certainly makes using it harder. But luckily the employees at Walgreens are all so lovely and let me exchange it for a new one so I had the full collection still.

Strike a Pose

2095 – ‘Don’t Flake’ is the brighter of the two blues. It’s a bright blue jelly with dark blue microshimmer and bright blue flakes. This one did take 3 coats to cover the nail line as it had a more sheer coverage. I made sure to have a thicker 3rd coat to ensure that it was opaque. Overall, I think this was my favorite color of the group. It’s just so bright and sparkly and beautiful and I loved it.

Don't Flake

And last, but not least is 2096 – ‘Gold a la Mode’. It’s a gold jelly base with gold microshimmer, gold glitters and gold flakes. It’s a sheer first coat, and I found this one, like the one before took 3 coats to cover the nail line. Since they’re both brighter, lighter colors, it made sense to me. This is a more yellowy gold too.

Gold a la Mode

Overall I’ve been liking the collections that Sinful Colors has been coming out with lately. They’ve been doing some really unique and interesting formulas and definitely trying out new things and because of that I have some unique colors and additions to my collection.

I do think these polishes are more beautiful in real life than they’re showing in the pictures. They can look a little weird and bumpy, but that’s not as apparent in real life, because you can see the dimension and sparkle – especially in the sunlight.

If I had to choose only two from this collection – ‘Walk the Walk’ for the formula and ‘Don’t Flake’ for the color. Overall, another unique collection from Sinful Colors!


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