Swatch/Review: OPI ‘Washington D.C.’ Fall 2016 Collection – 4 colors

I know I haven’t posted in a hot second – with school in full swing, it’s going to get harder for me to post as regularly as I did when I started. But I’m going to try my best to get as many posts out there as I can.

As you’ll be able to see in my photos, I got a new daylight bulb! So that means I’m no longer having to rely on there being enough daylight in my room. This means I could take photos in the dead of night. UNSTOPPABLE. This also hopefully means my photos will be more consistent. I hope everyone can see the difference!

Alright, I picked up 4 colors from the new OPI fall collection. I would love to pick up more from this collection but you know – rent. If I pick up more, I’ll be sure to update this post.

Overall, I’m so in love with the 4 colors I picked up. Sure, I love a good bargain nail polish, but I will always come back to OPI and their beautiful formulas. All of these colors have great formulas and I can’t recommend them enough.

Let’s get into the swatches.

The first color I picked up right when the collection came out, because I saw swatches and knew I absolutely had to have it. I had a post individually on it before, but decided to loop it in again with the others. This one is called ‘Pale to the Chief’. It’s a lovely frosty, pale nude color. It’s an almost perfect nude color for my skin tone, and the shimmer keeps me from having “dead hands”. This one can take 2-3 coats depending on how thick of coats you apply.


Next is ‘Never a Dulles Moment’. This is a bright yellow cream color. It’s a warm yellow. This one took 3 coats to even out any streaks I had – but it’s so beautiful. It’s also such an untraditional, but seemingly perfect fall color.


Coming next is one of my favorites ‘Freedom of Peach’. This one is less of a traditional peach color, and more of a pumpkin color in my opinion – how fitting for fall. It’s a bright orange peach-based cream. This one took only 2 coats. Another untraditional but perfect fall color.


Last but not least, is ‘Stay Off the Lawn’ – another color I knew I had to have when I saw swatches. This one is dark teal-based green cream. This one, you can get away with one coat. I put on 2 coats out of habit. I absolutely love this color so much. Without direct light it can look so much darker and vampy – perfect for fall.


Overall, I absolutely love all of these. This is a gorgeous collection of lovely creams, and I so hope I can get my hands on more.

Have you picked up any from this collection?


2 thoughts on “Swatch/Review: OPI ‘Washington D.C.’ Fall 2016 Collection – 4 colors

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! And thank you for the nomination! I’ll get working on that post ASAP! It’s a great way to get to know other bloggers for sure.


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