Discount: TJ Maxx – OPI ‘Hello Kitty’ Shades

My Tj Maxx has really upped their polish game and that is dangerous for me. They have them displayed out on a beautiful spinning rack now, instead of thrown like peasants into two big bowls. Now I can truly see ALL my options – and that’s bad.

Also apparently I felt I didn’t have enough pinks in my entire collection, and just decided to try to buy them all in one trip. Don’t worry, I still don’t have enough because I just discovered a true love for pinks on my skin tone.

In this edition of TJ Maxx roundup, I found a lot of shades from the OPI Hello Kitty collection, which came out last December/January. After a quick search for swatches, I quickly snatched up every pink that was there. I have 5 from the collection to show you today!

Let’s get into the swatches.

‘Let’s Be Friends’ is a super pale pink cream – more of a white tinged with a little pink. This one was quite streaky, as any light pastel color is. It took me 3 coats to cover all of the streaks and uneven patches. You might be able to get it opaque in 2, with 2 thicker coats. Beautiful, smooth formula though.


‘Look at My Bow!’ is a cool-toned standard bubblegum pink cream. This one again took me 3 coats to cover all of the streaks and uneven patches – but you might be able to get away with 2 thicker coats. But beautiful formula overall. I absolutely suprisingly loved this pink a lot. You ever think you can’t pull of pinks, and then you put one on, and you’re like damn, my fingers are hot? Just me?


‘Super Cute in Pink’ is a cool-toned medium pink crelly. It has more purple tones to it than the one before did. This was opaque in just two coats – I was so greatly surprised at how much coverage it had. Absolutely lovely formula.


‘Spoken From the Heart’ is a bright coral based pink. This is another crelly formula that covers opaque in two coats. Love.


‘Starry Eyed for Dear Daniel’ is a glitter. It’s a clear base with silver and fuschia glitters. The glitters are so jam-packed, that this was opaque in three coats. But being a glitter it dries fast, so it’s a easy 3 coats. Look at that dimension! Ugh I love this so much. I need Valentine’s Day now so these nails can be my date. It does dry a little textured, but a good thick top coat will solve that right up.



Here it is with 1 layer over ‘Super Cute in Pink’. As you can see, just one layer packs a lot into a smooth even coat. It just amplifies the girlyness and cuteness of any polish. Love it.


Overall, I love all of these polishes from this collection! They have nice, smooth formulas, and dry so shiny. The caps are also just all super adorable. It was great to add some more pinks to my collection!

Have you seen any from this collection in your TJ Maxx?


2 thoughts on “Discount: TJ Maxx – OPI ‘Hello Kitty’ Shades

  1. Hi, I just found your blog, it seems our nail polish goals are identical. I too haunt my local Walgeens, TJ Maxx etc, hoping to find a diamond in the rough. Love your swatches, I picked up a few of these Hello Kitty polishes, but haven’t found the one I really want which is Super Cute in Pink. Looking forward to posts on the upcoming holiday collections.


    • Thank you so much! I absolutely can’t wait for the upcoming holiday collections – and if you find a good steal anytime, feel free to let me know. 🙂


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