Discount: TJ Maxx – OPI ‘Hello Kitty’ Shades

My Tj Maxx has really upped their polish game and that is dangerous for me. They have them displayed out on a beautiful spinning rack now, instead of thrown like peasants into two big bowls. Now I can truly see ALL my options – and that’s bad.

Also apparently I felt I didn’t have enough pinks in my entire collection, and just decided to try to buy them all in one trip. Don’t worry, I still don’t have enough because I just discovered a true love for pinks on my skin tone.

In this edition of TJ Maxx roundup, I found a lot of shades from the OPI Hello Kitty collection, which came out last December/January. After a quick search for swatches, I quickly snatched up every pink that was there. I have 5 from the collection to show you today!

Let’s get into the swatches.

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Discount: OPI from TJ Maxx – July

Along with the posts about various discounted nail polishes I stumble upon while wandering, I also want to post regularly about the OPI collections that are now appearing at my local TJ Maxx. TJ Maxx is where I have gotten most of my OPI polishes that weren’t gifts, because they always have them for at least half off or more.

At this point in my life at least, I can’t buy full collections when they first come out and at full price. So I’m constantly looking at my TJ Maxx for the latest collections, a little after they’ve come out and are now being phased out.

I’ll say this is for the month of July, as it’s been a couple of trips to the store to get these 6 polishes.

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Discount: Revlon ‘Transforming Effects’ Polishes

If I am not at home, one can assume I’m at Walgreens looking at nail polish.

This may have been one of those times. It’s fine.

What I want to become a regular part of my blog will be posts about recent discounted nail polishes that I either spotted or picked up (we can probably assume if it’s discounted I picked it up). I love saving on nail polish, and hate paying full price, and I know many of my readers love and hate the same thing. So I’m going to try to do regular rounds of my local stores, to see what’s discounted that week, and then post about it for you. All of these posts will have “Discount” as the first word in the title, so you can tell right away.

Enough explanation. Let’s just get on to this discount haul.

I swagged on over to my local Wallygreens. Not seeing the new Wet N Wild collection (it always takes so long for new collections to get to my Walgreens), I decided to see if there was any clearance nail polish.

And then I spotted these Revlon nail polishes.

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