Discount: Revlon ‘Transforming Effects’ Polishes

If I am not at home, one can assume I’m at Walgreens looking at nail polish.

This may have been one of those times. It’s fine.

What I want to become a regular part of my blog will be posts about recent discounted nail polishes that I either spotted or picked up (we can probably assume if it’s discounted I picked it up). I love saving on nail polish, and hate paying full price, and I know many of my readers love and hate the same thing. So I’m going to try to do regular rounds of my local stores, to see what’s discounted that week, and then post about it for you. All of these posts will have “Discount” as the first word in the title, so you can tell right away.

Enough explanation. Let’s just get on to this discount haul.

I swagged on over to my local Wallygreens. Not seeing the new Wet N Wild collection (it always takes so long for new collections to get to my Walgreens), I decided to see if there was any clearance nail polish.

And then I spotted these Revlon nail polishes.

One was labeled with “New Shade” and the other 3 were from the “Transforming Effects Top Coats” line. All 4 of these polishes were $1.99. Walgreens lists these as normally $6.50, while I found them at Walmart for $4. So they’re still half off. They’re only discounted at Walgreens, and still in a full permanent display at Walmart, so I don’t believe they’re being phased out at all.

First, the new shade is called ‘215-Daydreamer’. It’s a sheer iridescent light purple with a soft green flash to it. This was 3 coats. The green flash is more subtle on the nail than in the bottle. There are slight brush strokes on this, but they are not super noticeable.



The next 3 shades are from the ‘Transforming Effects Top Coats’ line. These are meant to be put on top of polishes to transform them. I swatched them all over a dark cream purple shade, ‘O Suzi Mio’ from OPI so the effects are the most evident, and any shimmers can be pulled out. I have bottle shots first, and then at the very end a picture of all the coats swatched next to each other so you can really see how it changes them.

First, is ‘745 – Pink Glaze’. This is a pink iridescent shimmer top coat, filled with shimmers that shift from pink to bright purple. Once swatched on the nail, at some angles the shimmer shifts to a gold flash as well.

Pink Glaze

Next is ‘765 – Holographic Pearls’. This one is a clear jelly with holographic silver shimmer all throughout. When placed on top of any polish, it’s a holographic shimmer with whatever color of the base peeking through. This one seems like the only one that could be built up to opaque for a holographic silver polish. Below is it by itself with 2 coats. The shimmers are smooth as well, and not textured.

Holographic Pearls


Last is ‘785 – Matte Pearl Glaze’. This one is a matte top coat with subtle pink shimmers in it. It gives the polish a matte finish with subtle pink shimmers and a super subtle pinkish purple flash.

Matte Pearl Glaze

I also layered it on top of my current polish which is ‘A Great Opera-tunity’ from OPI and oh my god, it’s just as beautiful over a light color. It adds that satin matte finish, as well as pink shimmers. Gorgeous. (The photo does not do it justice. It was so hard to get the matte finish and also pick up the shimmers. Just believe it’s like 18x prettier in person as well.)

Pearl Glaze-OPI

There was also a matte top coat, but I did not pick it up – I figured I can pick up a matte top coat from any brand later on.

Here they all are swatched next to each other. Left to right: ‘O Suzi Mio’ by itself, with ‘Pink Glaze’ on top, with ‘Holographic Pearls’ on top, and with ‘Matte Pearl Glaze’ on top.


I love all of these top coats. They definitely transform a simple manicure and refresh and change up any polish you put it over. I’ll be looking for other ones being discounted, and update this post if I find them.

Hopefully you can find these discounted at your local Walgreens as well!

Have you seen any other discounted nail polishes?


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