Discount: OPI from TJ Maxx – July

Along with the posts about various discounted nail polishes I stumble upon while wandering, I also want to post regularly about the OPI collections that are now appearing at my local TJ Maxx. TJ Maxx is where I have gotten most of my OPI polishes that weren’t gifts, because they always have them for at least half off or more.

At this point in my life at least, I can’t buy full collections when they first come out and at full price. So I’m constantly looking at my TJ Maxx for the latest collections, a little after they’ve come out and are now being phased out.

I’ll say this is for the month of July, as it’s been a couple of trips to the store to get these 6 polishes.

The first collection I found polishes from was the Venice collection. This collection was for Fall/Winter of 2015. I found three polishes: ‘A Great Opera-tunity’, ‘I Cannoli Wear OPI’, and ‘O Suzi Mio’. ‘O Suzi Mio’ was there the 2nd trip I made.


‘A Great Opera-tunity’ is a peach toned cool and darker nude. I absolutely love this one, super smooth formula and a beautiful nude for my skin tone.

A Great Opera-tunity

A Great Opera-tunity-Swatch

‘I Cannoli Wear OPI’ is very, very light cool toned gray.

I Cannoli Wear OPI

I Cannoli Wear OPI-Swatch

‘O Suzi Mio’ is a deep red based purple. It swatches darker than it appears in the bottle.

O Suzi Mio

O Suzi Mio-Swatch

Next collection I found was the recent spring collection, the New Orleans Collection. From there I picked up ‘Take a Right on Bourbon’. It’s a silver metallic with the slightest hint of a rosy tone to it, and super small microshimmers. It does show brush strokes, so you can sponge on the last coat to get rid of those.

Take a Right on Bourbon

Take a Right on Bourbon-Swatch

Other collections I spotted were the Coca-Cola collection, and the Watercolors collection.

A couple random floating polishes I found that didn’t seem to be out with their collections were two popular shades I had heard much about and had wanted.

First is the famous, ‘My Vampire is Buff’. This is a very light, peachy based nude color. It makes your nails look so long and elegant while wearing it. I can see why it’s such a hot polish from OPI.

My Vampire is Buff

My Vampire is Buff-Swatch

The other and last one I picked up was ‘Jade is the New Black’. This is a dark blue-toned, well, jade color. It swatches much darker than it appears in the bottle. It will be perfect for the upcoming fall time.

Jade is the New Black

Jade is the New Black-Swatch

These are the OPI polishes I picked up for July! I plan on checking back there often to see what else is there! Have you found some good discounted OPIs lately?



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