Review/Swatches: Pure Ice ‘All Class’ Collection


For those of you who don’t know, Pure Ice is a brand exclusive to Walmart. They retail for $2 each.

As you can tell, this never happens. Being up here in the UP, we don’t seem to keep up on the latest nail collections in our Walmart. I missed out on the Demi-matte summer collection (which looked SO beautiful) because I just never could find it my Walmart. However, this time I got lucky. I was looking for face wash, and of course, had to see if anything was being clearanced out in the makeup, and BEHOLD an entire section of Pure Ice polishes. It was weird because these all had clearance stickers on them (but were only $1.97 instead of $2 what a steal) and the fall collection was mixed in with other colors. So it wasn’t on its own display. So I guess if you can’t find these at all, look for the hidden gems. Like a treasure hunt.

Anywho, enough about my triumphs. Let’s just get into this collection.

This one is called ‘All Class’ and is the fall collection for 2016. It’s a 4-piece collection, and includes 3 creams and 1 shimmer. Let’s get into the swatches!

‘Hautumn’ is  a light pastel pink-toned lavender color. It’s surprisingly pigmented and smooth on the first coat – surprising for a light pastel. It covers opaque in two easy coats. This picture is just two coats! for a pastel! That’s crazy!


‘Hot Child in the Suburbs’ is a beautiful peachy nude with gold shimmer all throughout. It’s a smooth first coat, though it does have some streaks, so it requires another coat. Completely opaque in two coats. This is such a beautiful nude on my skin tone. And with the shimmer, it helps it from making it look like I have complete mannequin dead hands. It adds dimension and just makes me feel like… Jaclyn Hill. Is that weird? Just me? okay. I just want to shove my nails into people’s faces and be like look at them when I’m wearing this.

Hot Child in the Suburbs

‘Make Your Mauve’ is a dusty mauvey fuchsia color.. This one is so close to one coat. Depending on your application, with a thicker coat, you could get away with just one. If using thinner coats, two to make it opaque. It’s a super smooth, beautiful cream formula.

Make Your Mauve

Lastly, ‘Sheen Queen’ is a dusty purple-based taupe color. It’s another smooth easy formula. This one is definitely opaque in one coat. I did two here out of habit, and it did deepen the color a little bit with the 2nd.

Sheen Queen

Overall I absolutely love this collection. All of the colors work so well together, and surprisingly get me in the fall mood without being traditional deep vampy colors. All of the formulas are absolutely beautiful as well, needing only 2 coats (some only 1!), and all of these are only $2! Definitely recommend. Keep an eye out next time you’re in Walmart to see if you can snatch them up. I’ll for sure be picking up more Pure Ice polishes from now on.


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