Swatch My Stash: Pure Ice

Hello from Las Vegas! Okay fine, I’m no longer in Vegas, but that was where I was this past week if I seemed a little AWOL. I just really wanted to say Hello from Las Vegas to seem cooler. I was in Vegas for the AIGA conference but now here I am back to the real world and back to homework. Woo.

Anywho, today’s post! As I’m waiting for holiday collections to come in (my Orly one is ready to be swatched and reviewed – so that’s coming soon!), today is the first of my Swatch My Stash posts! I’ll put these up every so often if collections slow down in order to keep posting material. And it’s a goal of mine to have a swatch and photo of every polish in my collection while it’s still relatively “small” (polish collectors all around laugh maniacally). So maybe it’s selfish, but here you go have it anyways.

All of these swatch my stash posts will have polishes that you can still readily buy, whether they’re part of core collections, or easy enough to track down on other websites. They’re polishes that I haven’t reviewed as part of collections on this blog, so maybe you’ll find a new shade to pick up in the list! Enough chatty business, let’s get into it.

I’m starting with brands that I have few of, and today is Pure Ice. Pure Ice is available exclusively at Walmart. They have 2 lines – their normal polish for $1.97 each, and their Pure Ice Shine, their version of a gel-like polish for $2.97 a piece. Today I have 5 colors of the normal line to show you.

Let’s get started!

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Review/Swatches: Pure Ice ‘All Class’ Collection


For those of you who don’t know, Pure Ice is a brand exclusive to Walmart. They retail for $2 each.

As you can tell, this never happens. Being up here in the UP, we don’t seem to keep up on the latest nail collections in our Walmart. I missed out on the Demi-matte summer collection (which looked SO beautiful) because I just never could find it my Walmart. However, this time I got lucky. I was looking for face wash, and of course, had to see if anything was being clearanced out in the makeup, and BEHOLD an entire section of Pure Ice polishes. It was weird because these all had clearance stickers on them (but were only $1.97 instead of $2 what a steal) and the fall collection was mixed in with other colors. So it wasn’t on its own display. So I guess if you can’t find these at all, look for the hidden gems. Like a treasure hunt.

Anywho, enough about my triumphs. Let’s just get into this collection.

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