Swatch My Stash: Pure Ice

Hello from Las Vegas! Okay fine, I’m no longer in Vegas, but that was where I was this past week if I seemed a little AWOL. I just really wanted to say Hello from Las Vegas to seem cooler. I was in Vegas for the AIGA conference but now here I am back to the real world and back to homework. Woo.

Anywho, today’s post! As I’m waiting for holiday collections to come in (my Orly one is ready to be swatched and reviewed – so that’s coming soon!), today is the first of my Swatch My Stash posts! I’ll put these up every so often if collections slow down in order to keep posting material. And it’s a goal of mine to have a swatch and photo of every polish in my collection while it’s still relatively “small” (polish collectors all around laugh maniacally). So maybe it’s selfish, but here you go have it anyways.

All of these swatch my stash posts will have polishes that you can still readily buy, whether they’re part of core collections, or easy enough to track down on other websites. They’re polishes that I haven’t reviewed as part of collections on this blog, so maybe you’ll find a new shade to pick up in the list! Enough chatty business, let’s get into it.

I’m starting with brands that I have few of, and today is Pure Ice. Pure Ice is available exclusively at Walmart. They have 2 lines – their normal polish for $1.97 each, and their Pure Ice Shine, their version of a gel-like polish for $2.97 a piece. Today I have 5 colors of the normal line to show you.

Let’s get started!

Up first is ‘First Love’. It’s a more sheer pink-toned pearly finish polish. The picture below is 3 coats so I was surprised to see that it can be built up to decently opaque. It’s one of those polishes for a “your nails but better” thing. This one is a beautiful pinky pearl in most lights, then has a beautiful green flash in other lights. I tried my best to capture the green flash below this picture. I ended up liking this one so much more than I thought I would. Truly beautiful.


The angle that I could capture that green flash the best. You can also see in this photo that although you can see my nail line still, it just makes your nails look classy and elegant. Love it.


Next up is ‘Risk Taker’. This is a pewter color, a warm toned steely gray (it took me so long to figure out how to describe this) with super microshimmer in it. This was 2 coats. As you can see it’s a little brush stroke-y but not too bad.


Next are two glitters. This one is ‘Spit Fire’. It’s a clear base with rose-gold glitter and large holographic shimmers. This was 3 coats, so you can wear it on its own, but I would prefer it as a topper. The glitter distributes evenly on the nail with no extra work. Super pretty.


Next is ‘Watch Me Go’. This is a teal glitter in a clear base. This was 3 coats, so it is possible to get it opaque on its own. The glitters are super packed in and dense in the base so you get a good even coating of it with just one coat over a base as well.


Last might just be my favorite of all my Pure Ice polishes. This one is called ‘Poppin Bottles’. This was part of the New Years collection, so it has a silver top instead of the normal white one, but it’s still available as part of the core line of Pure Ice polishes. This one has a clear base with gold microshimmer and then two different sizes of silver metallic glitter pieces. As you can see you can wear it on its own for a cool gold flash to your nails (this was 3 coats).


Or you can layer it over any other polish to really amp it up. Here it is layered over a black cream. As you can see the gold flash really pops and just makes it so glamorous. Absolutely love this.


So those are my Pure Ice polishes! I for sure want to pick up so more of these as they all had nice formulas. And $1.97 can’t be beat.

Do you have any Pure Ice nail polishes?

Stay tuned for more Swatch My Stash posts!

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