Swatch/Review: Orly ‘Sunset Strip’ Holiday 2016 FULL Collection


It feels like so long since I’ve posted (even though it’s only been like 2 weeks but it feels like forever). I got crazy busy with school as like 7 different projects (exaggerating it was 2) and then catching up after getting back from Vegas. Woe is me.

But don’t worry! I’m back and will be once again regularly posting.

Anyways! The holiday collections have officially started here on the blog! And first up is Orly.

I haven’t reviewed Orly yet here and that’s about to change. After having a couple Orly polishes I loved them and definitely want more. Not to mention that there is more polish in their bottles (.6 fl oz. vs .5 fl oz) for the same price as a China Glaze. DEALS.

Their 2016 Holiday collection is called ‘Sunset Strip’ and has 6 colors. They’re all bright jewel tones that totally make me feel like a movie star ready to get into all the fancy clubs. Let me in, bouncer.

Onto the swatches and review!

First up is ‘Up All Night’. This is a metallic darker gray. It’s less of a straight up silver, and more of a pencil lead color. It has a thinner formula, but nothing too thin – just wipe off the brush before starting. The formula is very smooth and covers evenly. This was 2 coats. You can probably get it opaque in one thicker coat as well.


Next is ‘Last Call’. This is a bright metallic fuchsia color, with pink microshimmer throughout. This is like a thicker crelly formula, but again, a nice smooth and easy to work with formula. This was 2 coats. You might need 3 to cover the nail line depending on your application. This color honestly made me ready to demand that someone let me into an LA club. I felt like a superstar. (And if you look closely, on my middle finger there is a tiny speck of glitter. My house is currently covered in glitter after Halloween 2016. No regrets.)


Next is ‘Celebrity Spotting’. This is a bright purple base with bright purple/gold microshimmer. The shimmer is very prominent in this shade and it’s absolutely gorgeous. This is a thinner formula than the others. It wanted to pool and run down the sides of my nails so really be careful and wipe your brush off with this one. However, I used 2 thin coats and that was all needed to make it opaque. Love it.




‘Sunset Blvd’ is a bright red crelly with red shimmer all throughout. Again, a thinner formula but easy to control. This is one of those where if you look closely, you will see the nail line throughout. This picture is 3 coats, and as you can see you can still see the nail line. But it’s something that looks beautiful even with the nail line. It’s a crelly formula so it’s a nice squishy formula. It reminds me of the red of a candy cane, or Christmas candy. Like it should taste like cinnamon. This one is so very festive, and is definitely swaying me over to like red nail polish.


‘Invite Only’ is a bright holiday green cream. This one is a little streaky on its first coat, but evens out on the 2nd. Depending on your thickness of application, you might need 2 to 3 coats. I did 2 thicker coats. Another smooth beautiful formula. BRING ON CHRISTMAS WITH THIS COLOR.


‘The Who’s Who’ is a dark, yet bright blue cream color. The formula is very uneven on the first coat. It liked to run down the sides and pool, leaving the middle uneven. For this one, I had to use 3 coats to get it fully opaque and even. So not my favorite formula in the collection – but the color is just so beautiful that I’ll deal with it.


Overall the bright jewel tones of this collection make it feel like the holidays even though it’s currently 65 outside. And the bright pops of color with the pink make me feel fabulous and upscale, like a Hollywood celeb. Except for the blue color, which required 3 coats and a little more work, I really liked all of these shades. I’ll for sure to pick up more Orly in the future!

Are you getting any from this collection?

2 thoughts on “Swatch/Review: Orly ‘Sunset Strip’ Holiday 2016 FULL Collection

  1. Celebrity Spotting looks beautiful! Orly is definitely an underrated brand, the massive bottles are awesome (who doesn’t want more polish?) and I love the rubbery caps too.


    • My favorite shade and formula for sure! I’m sure I won’t love storing the bigger bottles but alas, I will suffer for something I truly love.

      Liked by 1 person

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