Review/Swatches: Sinful Colors ‘Faceted Illusions’ FULL COLLECTION

2 new Sinful Colors collections popped up at my Walgreens (it was like Christmas, really), so of course I needed them all. I picked this full collection up first, and then a review of the other collection will be up in the next coming weeks!

This particular collection is called ‘Sinful Illusions’. There are 8 shades. All of them are labeled with the limited edition ‘Iridescent Color’ sticker. And it means that all of them have a beautiful iridescent shimmer throughout that makes them so unique.

I’m not sure if this collection is in the Sinful Shine line or not. They have the silver, instead of matte black, cap, and they ring up for $3 instead, but they don’t say “Sinful Shine” on the bottle like the others in the line do. So it just might be a super special collection.

According to Sinful Colors Instagram, the official release for these is September 1st – these popped up early at my Walgreens, so check and they might be available now.

I picked up all 8 shades and I’m going to go in numerical order for this, so let’s get right into it.

2027 – ‘Set the Dua-Tone’ is a light fuchsia toned purple to a green-silvery duo-chrome. It has a smooth, thicker formula that makes it very easy to control, and keeps it from running down into the cuticles. With 1 coat, you can have a unique, sheer look. 2 coats makes it opaque and covers the nail line. This shade is so unique and honestly so cool. It looks silvery green at one angle, and then purple in another. I love it. (Spoiler: I pretty much love all of the polishes in this collection. Whoop.)

Set the Dual Tone

2028 – ‘Opal Essence’ is a bright blue-toned teal color with silver and teal microshimmers. You can get away with 1 thicker coat to make it opaque, however if you do thinner coats, you’ll need 2 to make it opaque. It can show a little bit of brush strokes, but they’re only if you’re really looking. Oh my gosh, this polish is so beautiful. It’s hard to pick a favorite in this color, but this is definitely top 3. AND THIS DOESN’T STAIN YOUR FINGERS ON REMOVAL. LIKE AMAZING.

Opal Essence

2029 – ‘Chromatic Fanatic’ is a blue-toned gray color with fine blue microshimmers. This is another that can be opaque in one thicker coat. I did two thinner ones. Since it’s a gray, it does show brush strokes more than the others, but most disappear as it dries. I found this one does take longer to dry – I would say this is my least favorite out of the collection. As you can see, it’s completely smooth, but for some reason it looks almost lumpy? It’s weird. But it’s still a beautiful color.

Chromatic Fanatic

2030 – ‘Liquid Iris’ is another one of top 3 for me. It’s a dark cobalt blue with silver and bright blue microshimmers. This is another that you could get opaque in one thicker coat. I did two – it didn’t deepen the color any. Smooth, beautiful formula. I love this. This will definitely get some good use during the fall.

Liquid Iris

2031 – ‘Shell Out’ is a medium pink toned purple with green microshimmers all throughout. Again, it has the smooth, thicker formula as the others. This took two coats to be opaque, and the green flash is super prominent. Definitely a unique color.

Shell Out

2032 – ‘Flash Back’ is a light tangerine orange with gold microshimmer all throughout. This was the color that really drew me into the collection, as I knew I didn’t have anything like it. Like others before, this has a smooth, thicker formula that makes application so easy. Based on your application you can need 2 or 3 coats to make it opaque. I did 3 to cover up any last lighter patches. I didn’t think I would love this orange on me as much as I did – it’s so beautiful and the gold shimmer is super prominent. It’s honestly gorgeous. Light I can’t explain it, I just felt elegant when wearing this? I kept looking at my fingers and just being so in love with it.

Flash Back

2033 – ‘Flash Dance’ is a purple-toned berry with blue and pink microshimmers. The 1st coat is smooth, but I could still see the nail line so two coats to opaque. If you add a 3rd coat it deepens the color more and makes it more of a purple color. You can see this between my pointer and middle finger. The pointer has two, while the other nails have 3 coats on. Beautiful.

Flash Dance

2034 – ‘Mars Attracts’ is my absolute favorite in the collection, because the formula is just so fantastic (and I mean, look at that color). It’s so smooth, and easy to work with and just goes on so nicely. I love it so much. This polish is a berry toned fuchsia color with gold microshimmer. Like ‘Flash Back’ the gold microshimmer is very prominent. It’s more of a berry toned than ‘Flash Dance’. Opaque in two coats and just so lovely.

Mars Attracts

Overall, again a very solid collection from Sinful Colors. All of these dry super shiny, as they are in the Sinful Shine collection. There were some unique colors in this that I loved adding to my collection. Definitely recommend this! If you only pick up 3, get ‘Opal Essence’, ‘Liquid Iris’, and ‘Mars Attracts’ – my personal favorites and great colors for fall.

Do you plan on getting any from this collection?

6 thoughts on “Review/Swatches: Sinful Colors ‘Faceted Illusions’ FULL COLLECTION

  1. This is my favorite collection from Sinful since the Bing it On collection! They are all such beautiful colors! Also, I don’t think they’re from the Sinful Shine line even though they were $3 & have the silver cap. The bottle just says Sinful Colors…not Sinful Shine like usual. It’s weird.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I absolutely love this collection for sure. And hmmm. That’s weird. I’ll have to look into the Sinful Shine vs Colors thing!


  2. I have been loving the Sinful Color collections over the past few months; I picked up “Mars Attracts”; “Shell Out” and “Set the Dua-tone” based upon your swatches. Great blog. I have a lot of polishes and now am more interested in a few nice colors here and there for less $.


    • Thank you! I absolutely love this collection. They’re all so beautiful. And Sinful Colors has been putting out such unique polishes lately.


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