Swatch/Review: China Glaze ‘Rebel’ Collection – Fall 2016

Hey-o, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but this is my first post with actual nail swatches! Look at me pretending to be a grown-up blogger.


I’m fully ready to not be sweating constantly with every activity I do. Is that too much to ask.

Anywho, to at least pretend that fall is fully upon us, I have 8 of the 12 shades from the China Glaze ‘Rebel’ Fall 2016 collection!

I’m not going to lie, before this, I only had 1 other China Glaze polish. So far I had really just stuck to OPI. I’m sorry that I have sinned, as I have seen why I was wrong.

This was also my first time ordering polish from TransDesign. Each bottle was only $3.25 for the full size! And everything came in tact, and very well packed, so I’m definitely going to be ordering from them again for sure!

Alright, let’s get into the collection.

First up is ‘Fresh Prince-ss’! (In West Philadelphia, born and raised). I’m seriously loving that the ’90s are back. Anywho, this is a light, baby pink cream shade. This one seems to be a thinner formula – not thin, but just thinner than some of the other creams – so it can be easy to flood your cuticles. Just really wipe off the brush. This can be opaque in 2 coats, with a 2nd thicker coat. But I needed 3 to cover all of the streaks. It’s a surprising pick for fall, and a surprising love for me. (Maybe because it makes me look more tan, hey-o)

Fresh Prince-ss

‘Dope Taupe’ is a purple-based taupe cream shade. This formula is thicker than ‘Fresh Prince-ss’ so it’s so smooth and easy to control. Because it’s thicker, you can get away with one coat if you’re in a hurry. I went with two out of habit – the color didn’t change on the 2nd coat.

Dope Taupe

‘Combat Blue-ts’ (I believe pronounced like Bloots, like Combat Boots, get it?) is a deep, jewel-toned matte blue with very subtle blue microshimmer. Omg. This polish is so absolutely beautiful. Because it’s a matte, it dries fast, so you have to work fast with it. Don’t manipulate it too much, or else you’ll get ridges. But it’s a nice smooth formula, so it’s not too much to get it opaque. This was one coat – completely opaque. Two if you want to cover up any ridges in your nails. Because it’s such a dark, matte shade, it’ll show bumps in the cuticle line really clearly, so clean up is necessary. And speaking of clean up – this will stain your fingers on removal, so don’t twist when taking it off.

Combat Blue-ts

‘Heroine Chic’ (this Heroine is the female hero, not the drug, don’t worry, Mom) is a lead gray color, with a hint of warm purple to it, with red shimmers all throughout. On the 1st coat, it’s sheer – I can see the nail line prominently. But it’s completely opaque in 2 coats. It’s a very smooth, easy to control, beautiful formula. The shimmer is very prominent as well. Definitely a unique color to my collection.

Heroine Chic

‘Blue-Ya!’ is a dark blue base with shimmer all throughout. This shimmer shifts from blue to green to gold. You can get this polish opaque in one coat, that’s right one coat, with a little thicker coat. I did two, and it did deepen the color up. Two coats also just gives it this depth and beautiful dimension as the shimmer layers on itself. This polish is absolutely STUNNING. The shimmer is so prominent and I just, unf. HOWEVER. THIS WILL STAIN YOUR FINGERS ON REMOVAL. Definitely pull it off. DO NOT TWIST FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. BUT I LOVE THIS POLISH SO MUCH THAT I WILL SUFFER.

Blue Ya

‘Teen Spirit’ is along the same lines as ‘Blue-Ya!’. This one is a deep dark purple base with shimmers that shift from purple to blue. Like the one before, it can be opaque with one thicker coat. If you do thinner coats, you’ll need two. Again, with two coats, it adds so much depth with the shimmers. This is another that will stain your fingers, so just pull it off.

Teen Spirit

(You can see in the picture above the glitter all over my fingers from removing the shade ‘Holo at Ya Girl!’. I talk about it down below).

The next two shades can be built up to opaque on their own, but really shine as toppers.

The first is called ‘Don’t Mesh with Me’. This, I believe, has a light purple or dusty blue (it’s hard to truly tell through all of the shimmers) jelly base with lots of microshimmer throughout that shifts from light purple to bright fuchsia. After 3 coats, it’s not entirely opaque – I can still see my nail line, but it gives the nails a beautiful sheer finish. And the blue-purple flash is so interesting.

Don't Mesh with Me

Here it is with one coat over ‘Dope Taupe’ as well.

Dope Taupe-Mesh

The other is ‘Holo at Ya Girl!’. This is another clear jelly base with large blue-green glitters as well as gold microshimmers. After 3 coats, this is fully opaque. It is easy removal because of the base, but you do get glitter just everywhere.

Holo at Ya Girl

I also layered this one with one coat over ‘Combat Blue-Ts’.

Combat Blue-ts-Holo

I would really love to have the shade ‘Pearl Jammin” as well, but it’s been so hard to find! I can tell it’s a popular shade. If I happen to find it soon, I’ll update this post with pictures and a review of it as well.

Overall, I love this collection. I mean, I love pretty much any fall collection because fall colors. But every polish in this has beautiful formulas. I’ll definitely be getting more into China Glaze after this.

Do you plan on picking up any shades from this collection?



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