NOTD: Essie’s ‘Viva Antigua’ + Revlon’s ‘Gold Glaze’

I finally picked up Essie’s ‘Viva Antigua’ after seeing so many swatches of the beautiful teal sparkly goodness. I had to have it really.

Lemme tell you I love it.

Then, to switch it up, I topped with Revlon’s Transforming Effects Top Coat in ‘Gold Glaze’ and

holy mermaid goodness.

It was so hard to capture the true beauty of this on camera, but I tried my dang best. I’m in love.


(Ignore the tip wear there, this is a couple-day old manicure).

The gold sparkle combines with the blue shimmer in ‘Viva Antigua’ and just creates this shimmery masterpiece.

Brb, going to go jump in the ocean and fulfill my mermaid dreams now.

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