NOTD: China Glaze ‘Turned Up Turquoise’

I’m continuing with wearing polishes that I haven’t photographed yet! I put them all in a spreadsheet and by my count there’s currently 144. Yeah I have a lot to go, but that’s great for everyone because NAIL SWATCHES FOR DAYS.

Today I have a China Glaze polish. This is ‘Turned Up Turquoise’, a bright neon, well, turquoise.

This dries matte, so fast dry times, but it can also be a little difficult to work with. My favorite way to apply mattes is to load up the brush a little more, and do a little thicker coat. Then just swipe it on with a few brush strokes – manipulate it as little as possible or else you’re get streaks everywhere.

This was 3 coats for me, but it was just so bright and fun. Adding a top coat to it will really bring out the shimmer in it, but I left it matte here.


One terrible thing about matte finishes though: they chip in about 6 minutes. Something to remember.

Stay tuned for more NOTDs and reviews coming up!


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NOTD: Zoya’s ‘Alicia’

I have a NOTD for you! I’m hoping to try to put more of these up. I’ve been slowly going through my collection and wearing nail polishes I haven’t tried out yet – making it a sort of challenge for myself really, wear only things I haven’t photographed or featured on the blog yet.

Today I have a polish from Zoya! This is ‘Alicia’ and it’s one of their scattered holographic finishes. This came out for Fall 2016 as part of their ‘Urban Grunge’ collection. I picked this up in their Black Friday sale and I can’t believe I hadn’t worn it yet.

This was 3 coats, and an absolutely lovely formula. It just glows on the nails in any light.


Stay tuned for more NOTDs!


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NOTD: Salon Perfect ‘Who Ya Gonna Call?’

I just happened to see this random little collection of Salon Perfect in my Walmart. It was literally just sitting in a little plastic holder all by itself in the middle of the bottom shelf near all of the nail polish. I knew I had found an untouched gem so I had to take a look.

It was the Salon Perfect Halloween collection. This shade was the one that truly intrigued me out of all of them – there was just a standard black, purple, orange and then toppers, but this was the one that caught me so I picked it up.

This one is called ‘Who Ya Gonna Call?’. It’s a clear jelly base with tons of black, dark green, and light green matte pieces all throughout. This was only 2 coats to get it opaque. It takes a little working, in the way that you can’t just swipe it on and go. As long as you just run your brush over your nail a couple of times to truly distribute all of the pieces on your nail, you’ll be set and opaque in two coats. But it’s definitely not work to get it even at all.


I will say that upon removal it can be easy to get the little pieces pretty much everywhere – but they come off in due time.

Truly such a unique polish! And great formula. I love it for Halloween. (It reminds me of Floam. Anyone else have that stuff?)


I’ll have the Sinful Colors Halloween 2016 collection review up tomorrow!

NOTD: Essie’s ‘Viva Antigua’ + Revlon’s ‘Gold Glaze’

I finally picked up Essie’s ‘Viva Antigua’ after seeing so many swatches of the beautiful teal sparkly goodness. I had to have it really.

Lemme tell you I love it.

Then, to switch it up, I topped with Revlon’s Transforming Effects Top Coat in ‘Gold Glaze’ and

holy mermaid goodness.

It was so hard to capture the true beauty of this on camera, but I tried my dang best. I’m in love.


(Ignore the tip wear there, this is a couple-day old manicure).

The gold sparkle combines with the blue shimmer in ‘Viva Antigua’ and just creates this shimmery masterpiece.

Brb, going to go jump in the ocean and fulfill my mermaid dreams now.

NOTD: OPI ‘Pale to the Chief’

Holy fall nail polish is upon us.

All of the fall nail collections have suddenly dropped into our lives and I am so dang excited. I love fall, SO BRING IT ON.

Today, I have only one shade from the new OPI ‘CIA = Color is Awesome’ Washington, DC. fall collection. As soon as I saw swatches of this, I knew I had to have it – even at full price.

This is ‘Pale to the Chief’. It’s a light, pale nude with a soft pearl finish to it. It’s the perfect “mannequin hands” shade for me – the shade that perfectly matches your skin tone, like a mannequin. But because of the pearl shimmer, it keeps me from having dead hands. It’s so pretty. I love it.

Pale to the Chief

This did take 3 coats to get rid of any streaky. This is a thicker formula, and I found that if you work with it too much, or don’t have enough on your brush, it can be a little difficult to smooth out. So don’t wipe off your brush too much – but it’s still a great formula.

I hope to pick up more shades from this collection!

NOTD: OPI ‘A Great Opera-tunity’

An absolutely beautiful peachy pink nude cream from the Fall/ Winter 2015 “Venice” collection. You ever have a polish that was just made for you? This is it. It makes my hands and nails look so elegant and polished. The length of my nails right now is just perfect for it and I can’t stop looking at my nails. It’s going to be a favorite that I can wear pretty much year round. 

NOTD: Essie ‘Aim to Misbehave’ – Essie’s 1000th Shade!

*NOTD=Nails of the Day. Hello yellow! Essie has put out it’s 1000th shade, and I picked it up – I told myself I needed it as a collector and blogger (that’s what I’m sticking to).

Essie’s 1000th shade is out as a part of their summer collection, the Shimmer Brights. I know this collection has been out for a while, and I might be a little late to the game – but it’s still summer and this shade is still very much available, so here’s a post anyways!

The 1000th shade is called ‘Aim to Misbehave’, and it’s a shimmery warm toned yellow with lots of microshimmer all throughout. My boyfriend describes it as a “shiny mustard” and I have to say I agree with that statement. The cap of the bottle has this cool little decoration with little “1000s” all over it. It reminds me of graduation and I don’t know why.


It’s a nice formula, opaque in two coats. Depending on how you apply it, you might need 3 to cover your nail line. I noticed it’s a thicker formula, so it can be a little difficult to get smooth, if you don’t have enough on the brush but it’s not too frustrating. And it’s like it dries fast, so it’ll stick to itself as you’re trying to smooth it. But I also found it stays tacky for quite a while, which might be from the thicker coats I had to do. Nice, but not my favorite formula.

When removing it, don’t twist – I did this and got yellow just about everywhere. So just pull it off instead.

I also found that, yes, it’s a beautiful color, however it’s not beautiful on me. Because it is so warm toned, I found it just clashed with my cool skin tone. People with more olive toned skin-this will look beautiful on you. Me, however, it’ll stay as part of my collection and a cool thing for a nail polish obsessive person like me to have.

Essie doesn’t do yellows too often, so this is a cool shade to have in the collection. If you’re a collector at all – and maybe have yellow undertones to your skin – get this.