NOTD: Salon Perfect ‘Who Ya Gonna Call?’

I just happened to see this random little collection of Salon Perfect in my Walmart. It was literally just sitting in a little plastic holder all by itself in the middle of the bottom shelf near all of the nail polish. I knew I had found an untouched gem so I had to take a look.

It was the Salon Perfect Halloween collection. This shade was the one that truly intrigued me out of all of them – there was just a standard black, purple, orange and then toppers, but this was the one that caught me so I picked it up.

This one is called ‘Who Ya Gonna Call?’. It’s a clear jelly base with tons of black, dark green, and light green matte pieces all throughout. This was only 2 coats to get it opaque. It takes a little working, in the way that you can’t just swipe it on and go. As long as you just run your brush over your nail a couple of times to truly distribute all of the pieces on your nail, you’ll be set and opaque in two coats. But it’s definitely not work to get it even at all.


I will say that upon removal it can be easy to get the little pieces pretty much everywhere – but they come off in due time.

Truly such a unique polish! And great formula. I love it for Halloween. (It reminds me of Floam. Anyone else have that stuff?)


I’ll have the Sinful Colors Halloween 2016 collection review up tomorrow!


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