Swatch/Review: Essie Winter 2016 FULL Collection

Happy belated Thanksgiving! From visiting with the family and stuffing myself, to catching up on homework that I didn’t touch over winter break, there was a little break in my posting. But here I am! Full on into holidays! We only have so much time before Christmas, crazy to think about!

I picked up the Zoya Holiday collection in their Black Friday sale so a review will be coming on that, as well as a review on the OPI collection as well at least before Christmas. I want to pick up the China Glaze collection as well, but if that has to wait until after Christmas and just be a winter collection, it will. I’m coming up on finals guys so it’s getting crazy!

But now, let’s get on into the Essie Winter 2016 collection! This is a 6 shade collection.

First is ‘Go With the Flowy’. This is a white with the slightest tinge of gray to it, so it’s not a stark white. Maybe it’s the cooler temperatures outside, but I just really like how this one looks! This has a white/silver shimmer in it that’s unfortunately not apparent on the nails. It just looks like a satin finish. This took only 2 coats to be opaque which is really good for a white like this.


Here’s an up close to show the shimmer in the bottle.


Next is ‘Oh Behave’. This is a beautiful peachy shade with a lovely gold-orange shimmer. Depending on the thickness of your coats you can need 2-3 to make it opaque. The shimmer in this is so beautiful. And it’s also one of those polishes that in some lights looks more pink, and in others is more peachy, it’s really unique and gorgeous. I wore this for a couple days, and I just felt like a rich housewife from the 60s ready to make passive aggressive comments. (Have I been watching too much Mad Men?)


The shimmer in this is like a cool orange glow. Beautiful.


Onto the next is ‘Getting Groovy’. This is a lovely gold shimmer that’s opaque in two easy, smooth coats. This is a lovely holiday-New Years color.


‘Party on a Platform’ is a traditional holiday red. This was another smooth, beautiful cream formula, needing only 2 coats to be opaque. The color deepens on the 2nd coat to the color in the bottle. No complaints here.


‘Ready to Boa’ is a lovely deep burgundy color with red-orange shimmer. The shimmer is apparent on the nail, though not as fiery as in the bottle. It can be opaque in 1 coat in you’re in a hurry, but 2 coats makes it so dimensional and just vampy and gorgeous. Love it.



Last but not least is ‘Satin Sister’. A gorgeous deep teal cream. Smooth easy formula, opaque in 1-2 coats.


Overall, this collection feels the most wintery to me. It has all the elements of the cooler weather, and the snow, and the vamp, as well as the holiday colors and the celebrations all mixed in. ‘Oh Behave’ is my definite favorite of the collection, it’s so unique yet so wintery all at once. Love it.

Also here’s a comparison! 2 coats of both – ‘Party on a Platform’ is on my pointer and ring fingers, and ‘Maki Me Happy’ from the fall collection this year is on my middle and pinky fingers. As you can see, ‘Maki Me Happy’ is a tinge darker. It was a bold move putting a red shade in back to back fall-winter collections, especially when, as you can see below, they’re so similar. So if you have one, and you’re not insane like the rest of us nail bloggers, you probably won’t need the other.


So there’s your Essie Holiday 2016! Are you planning on picking any up?



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