Swatch/Review: Sinful Colors ‘Santa Bae’ Holiday 2016

CHRISTMAS. EXCITEMENT. That’s right, the holidays are just around the corner, including the best holiday of all, Thanksgiving. And this means, holiday collections and holiday nail polishes.

I found the display with the new Sinful Color’s holiday polishes just hanging out at the end of one of the aisles at my Walgreens and snatched.

As for trying to figure out exactly what polishes were technically in this collection or new, it was a little difficult. I went off of the shades advertised on Sinful Color’s Instagram to see what was exactly new. If you look on their website, they have more colors listed underneath the ‘Santa Bae’ section but I think the 8 I have here are the new shades for this year. I have a couple of the older shades as well that I’ll compare at the end.

I have 8 new shades to show you. Now onto the swatches!

There are 5 shades exclusive to Walgreens in here, and they are all shades with shimmer in them.

2150 – ‘Peri-Twinkle’ is a light, purple-toned blue shade with purple and blue shimmer, and a beautiful lilac flash. This one had a more sheer thin formula, it took 3 coats to be full opaque. It also wanted to run down the brush, and pool on my nails, so just wipe your brush off. The flash is very apparent once on the nails as well.


2151 – ‘Sleigh Me’ is a beautiful berry toned purple color. It has small red and gold shimmers throughout it. This is another thinner formula, so another where you just need to wipe off the brush. This was more pigmented, so this took only 2 coats to be opaque. Beautiful.


2152 – ‘I Pine For You’ is a beautiful cool toned forest green shimmer formula. Oh my gosh. I love this. I am in love. I am bringing this polish home to meet my family this holiday. This is one that can be opaque with 1 thicker coat – 2 coats here in the picture, and the shimmer is just so dynamic. Absolutely so smooth. I wore this polish for about 3 days, and it was just barely starting to show tip wear. AND IT DOESN’T STAIN THE NAILS. What is this black magic. Get this polish.


2153 – ‘Holly At Me’ is a bright warm toned red with gold shimmer all throughout. This was another beautiful formula, much like ‘I Pine For You’ above. You could get away with 1 thicker coat, I did 2 coats to cover the nail line here. The shimmer is very apparent on the nail. It’s almost smoldering on the nails.



2154 – ‘Decem-brrr’ is a blue toned purple color with blue shimmer all throughout. This was another sheer, thin formula. This polish was weird. It wanted to pool at the end of my nails, so on the first layer it was uneven and darker in some patches, especially at the tips of my nails, than others. It wanted to run so it was messy, so wipe off the brush before applying as well. Not my favorite of the bunch.


There are also 3 limited edition glitters this holiday collection. I found them all at Target.

2181 – ‘Santa Claws’ is a clear based jelly with small metallic red shimmers, large white glitter and larger red hexagon glitters. The jelly base also has a gold microshimmer throughout. This is 2 coats.


Here is 1 coat of ‘Santa Claws’ over ‘Sleigh Me’. The gold shimmer is very apparent on the nails and makes any polish so dimensional.


2182 – ‘Sleigh My Name’ is another clear base glitter with 2 sizes of gold metallic glitters and large star pieces. Like ‘Santa Claws’ it also has gold microshimmer throughout the base. This is 2 coats on its own. The stars are fairly easy to pick out, I just got these applying it normally. I didn’t have to swirl around or anything.



And here is 1 coat of ‘Sleigh My Name’ over ‘I Pine For You’. The base has more shimmer and is more translucent than ‘Santa Claws’.



The last of the glitters is 2183 – ‘That’s Elfed Up’. This is another clear base with small white glitters, green metallic glitters and large gold and red metallic hexagon glitters. This was 2 coats on its own.


This is 1 coat of ‘That’s Elfed Up’ over ‘Holly At Me’. There is no shimmer in the base of them – the gold you are seeing is from ‘Holly At Me’. As you can see, it has beautiful glitter coverage, and adds a festive flair to any polish.


Overall, I love all of the glitters, so if you see those at your Target, definitely pick them up. They all have nice coverage, and spread so easily and evenly on the nail. You don’t have to swirl to pick up the glitter pieces at all.

As for the other colors, I would recommend ‘I Pine For You’ especially, as well as ‘Holly At Me’. Those two have the nicest formulas of the Walgreens shades. ‘Sleigh Me’ is also a beautiful color.

I also have a couple colors from older collections to compare as well!

First up is ‘Holly At Me’ from this year’s collection compared to ‘Velvet Ribbon’ from last year’s collection. ‘Holly At Me’ is on the pointer and ring finger, and ‘Velvet Ribbon’ is on the middle and pinky finger. As you can see, they have the same gold shimmer all throughout but ‘Velvet Ribbon’ is darker and more cool-toned.


The other comparison I have is ‘Sleigh My Name’ and ‘Star-Studded’. ‘Sleigh My Name’ is on the pointer and ring finger, and ‘Star-Studded’ is on the middle and pinky finger. As you can see, they have the same gold and star pieces in them. However, ‘Sleigh My Name’ has the gold shimmer in its base, giving more of a dimensional look to it. The glitter coverage on it is also thicker than ‘Star-Studded’.


Overall very fun and festive shades for the holidays!

Are you going to pick any up? And are you excited for the holidays?


2 thoughts on “Swatch/Review: Sinful Colors ‘Santa Bae’ Holiday 2016

  1. I Pine For You… oh my goodness, I think I am now pining for that polish! So beautiful! It also looks amazing with Sleigh My Name over it. Love the combos you showed with the glitters.


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