Sinful Colors ‘Radical Mattes’ Collection

Hellllloooo! I’ve been busy. This past weekend I stood in the wedding of one of my very best friends as she married the love of her life. I almost teared up from being so happy, and it was one of the best weekends ever. How was yours? That’s right the beginning of this blog will always be where I push my personal life onto you, because if you forgot this is my blog.

But of course, now it’s time for nail polish, your torture is over.

Fall is fully here, and it’s getting chillier and chillier down here. And all I want to wear is darker vampy colors! And have I got a collection for that.

This is the ‘Radical Mattes’ collection from Sinful Colors. There are 7 main ‘matte’ shades that can be found in Walgreens – and then 3 other shades that I wasn’t able to find (apparently they popped up in Meijer, a store we don’t have down here in Illinois). So I have the 7 main shades and the matte top coat to talk about here! Let’s just get right into it.

These were $2.99 instead of the normal $1.99. Again, since they’re a limited collection they’re a little pricier. Let’s just get right into them.

I found all of these dried with a more satin finish. They were more matte than a normal cream polish – but not completely super matte. I also found they didn’t dry as quickly as other matte polishes, so you definitely have time to work and paint on it. They all self leveled really well as well. Let’s get into the individual swatches!

Up first we have ‘Rise Up’, a light sky blue shade. This has just a touch of purple to it, to make it almost a light periwinkle. It had a thinner 1st coat, with some streaks. It will need a 2nd coat, but it’s smooth and super easy to control. The formula self levels really well also.

Rise Up

Here it is topped with the matte top coat.

Rise Up + Matte Top Coat

Up next we have ‘Defiant’, a nice cool-toned purple shade. This was one that was almost opaque in 1 thicker coat. Beautiful formula, and 2 easy coats here.


‘Defiant’ with the matte top coat.

Defiant + Matte Top Coat

‘Brave’ is that lovely brick red-orange shade that I can’t get enough of in the fall. This was another with a fantastic formula that can be opaque in 1 thicker coat or 2 thinner ones. Ugh, it just screams fall to me. Gimme all those rusty oranges.


‘Brave’ with matte top coat.

Brave + Matte Top Coat

Up next is ‘Renegade’, a deep saucy chocolately shade. This one’s first coat was a lil more streaky than the others, so it will need a 2nd coat. But that 2nd coat evened everything out easily and beautifully. Another perfect fall shade I can’t get enough of.

Do you like browns for the fall?


‘Renegade’ with matte top coat.

Renegade + Matte Top Coat

‘Fearless’ is that traditional lovely raspberry shade for the fall. This was another that was opaque in 1 thicker coat. If you’re going for a thicker coat, this one can run down the brush, so make sure to wipe it off a little before applying as well.


‘Fearless’ with the matte top coat.

Fearless + Matte Top Coat

‘Roar’ is a bright cobalt blue shade. This one is VERY pigmented so it took only 1 thicker coat – however be careful with application, since it’s so pigmented you can get it everywhere if you ain’t careful. But it removed easily and didn’t stain my skin either. Another smooth and beautiful formula!


‘Roar’ with the matte top coat.

Roar + Matte Top Coat

Last but not least, we have ‘Rebel Yell’, a nice juicy, classic red shade. Maybe it’s the color, but this one seemed to almost have the most shine out of all of them. Definitely not a true matte finish, but a little more satin than a traditional cream.

This was smooth even with thinner coats. Another easy 2 coat formula, and no complaints here.

This one was a little messy on removal – as you can see on the skin above my nail on my pointer finger. I did have it around the edges of my nails after removal, so keep that in mind.

Rebel Yell

‘Rebel Yell’ with a matte top coat.

Rebel Yell + Matte Top Coat

Lastly, let’s talk about the matte top coat that comes with this collection. It’s just called the ‘Radical Matte Top Coat’. It’s a pretty standard top coat, and does, well, mattify. It goes on glossy, then of course dries down matte in a couple seconds.

No complaints here – I’ll be honest here, I don’t have other matte top coats to compare to, so this was great to add to my collection. It works well and I’m happy.


So those are your Radical Mattes! I found mine in Walgreens out and about, just like normal! They all have lovely 2 coat formulas that are so smooth and easy to apply. And they’re perfect fall shades! Weirdly they aren’t showing up on Sinful Color’s website… maybe not yet? Who knows, they’re still out in Walgreens.

Now they’re not SUPER matte like others. I think they definitely dry to a more satin finish, so a “radical matte’ sticker might be a little pushing it – but just apply a matte top coat and bam you’re there.

They’re lovely fall colors so if any strike your fancy, I really can recommend them. Sinful Colors once again with the different finishes – I love em.


Don’t worry, there are other brands coming up to love on the blog! Lots of fall collections to review and they’ll be up soon! You know, now that it’s getting chillier, it’s a perfect excuse to just sit in and blog, right, right? Right. So stay tuned for lots more vampy polish.


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3 thoughts on “Sinful Colors ‘Radical Mattes’ Collection

  1. I know I already said this on insta, but Brave has my heart, wowza! Also loving Roar, it almost looks like a cobalt with a wee drop of periwinkle, there’s something about it that is a touch lighter than most cobalts. Absolutely gorgeous, hope my Walgreens get these!


    • Hmmm I wish I could help more but I unfortunately can’t! My theme is one of WordPress’s set up templates that I customized just a little. I haven’t heard about any web browser compatibility issues from that, probably since it’s just running through WordPress hosting! Sorry I couldn’t help more!


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