China Glaze ‘Paint it Black’ Halloween 2018 Collection

It’s almost Halloween! What are you planning to be this year? I plan on going as a duo with my best friend as Walter and the Dude from the Big Lebowski. I can’t wait to spend the night in a vest and yellow tinted sunglasses to be quite honest.

I love Halloween, so of course I love when there are themed polishes. Why do we always skip right from fall to Holiday?? There are very important holidays in between. Thank God, China Glaze has been coming out with their Halloween collections. I’m so sad I wasn’t fully collecting polishes yet for their older ones, but it’ll be something that’ll truly haunt me this holiday.

When I first saw pictures of this years, however, I was so intrigued and knew I had to have it. I mean, a whole collection of black polishes? Count me in. Perfect when I’m feeling angsty.

This is the ‘Paint it Black’ collection, and it’s a 6 piece set for Halloween, all with polishes of different black bases and finishes. Enough rambling, let’s get right into the swatches.



Up first is ‘Wicked Liquid’. This is a black base with beautiful greenish-gold shimmery glow throughout. This has been the fan favorite of the collection, and lemme tell you I fully understand why.

I don’t like to be dramatic and exaggerate when I’m talking about polish. So this is completely true that when I painted this on, I gasped. This formula is absolutely incredible. One easy swipe, and it’s fully opaque and smooth, no streaks, nothing. One coat. And it’s opaque. I don’t know how else to describe this, but this formula is incredible. If you only get one polish this year, make it this one. It really is Wicked liquid on the nails. Enough swooning. But trust me, you’ll gasp on application as well. Okay, now I’m done.


‘Shadies and Gentleman’ (I’m living for the names here) is a matte black cream. This also comes in a lovely frosted bottle, so it feels even fancier.

With careful application, this can be opaque and smooth on 1 coat. You do have to work a little faster than some matte shades, but there’s still time to paint straight with this one. And since it does dry fast, if you need to do a 2nd coat to smooth anything out, it’s very easy and quick. As you can see, on my nails it obviously shows my ridges, but otherwise it levels out so nicely.

A matte black really fits my witchy soul.


‘Maliboo-boo’ is a beautiful holographic black shade and I’m in love. For the witchy soul who still wants a little glam. This was pretty well good on 1 thicker coat – I did do two thinner coats here, another easy smooth formula.

As you can see under my bright lights, the holo is pretty evident, and it’s more of a linear holographic. Obviously in normal lighting it’ll be less evident, but still beautiful and sparkly. I always love adding more mainstream holos to my collection!


‘Ash & Burn’ is a black base with a touch of brown to it, with gold and orange shimmers throughout. They’re definitely smaller, so it’s not a flash, but more of a sparse shimmer that still shows up well. This is another beautiful 1 coat formula. It dries faster as well, and application is very easy.


It does dry a little textured. And I also found once it dries it can be a little tougher to remove, like a glitter.


With a glossy topcoat, the shimmer comes out more, and the brown tinge to it is even more evident.


The last two polishes of the collection are more of toppers.

First up is ‘Pret-a-potion’. This is a clear jelly base absolutely loaded with matte black glitters. This was 3 coats, so as you can see it can technically be built up, but it looks lumpy and bumpy and not the best – you know, unless that’s the Halloween look you’re going for.


This is 1 coat over Sinful Colors ‘Cherry on Top’ – as you can see 1 coat is loaded with product and spreads pretty evenly. If you want a more sparse coat, you can wipe the brush off a little more. Otherwise it can be built up, but still show the color underneath.




The last polish is ‘Night & Slay’. This is a clear base just loaded with black and silver holographic glitters. Absolutely glam.

This is 3 coats, so you can see it builds up easily to a full opacity. You might want to use a peel off base coat with this, as with any full glitter polish like this, it can really difficult to remove after a while – or I suggest using the tin foil soaking method.



It dries a little textured, so a thick coat of glossy top coat would help that.


I also wanted to show it as one coat on the nail, so you can see more of what it’s made of, and how much applies with one coat.


This is one coat over ‘Sugar Pumpkin’ by Sinful Colors. As you can see, a lot distributes on just one coat, and it can almost build up too much to cover up the base color. So I almost like this more built up on its own?

Or if you want to thin it out, you can wipe off the brush to take some of the product off – I did find it made that skip a little, so you’ll need a little more placement to do so. It’s all up to you and the style you’re looking to wear this in.



So that’s your China Glaze Halloween collection for 2018! I honestly love so much that they do Halloween collections each year! One of my favorites of each year to be honest – I love a good Halloween polish. I also love that this year they strayed from the traditional Halloween colors and really went with the theme, and did different formulas and finishes of Black-themed polishes.

Can you tell I like this collection? I think it’s super unique and adds something fun and new to my collection! There were a lot of good formulas, so it’s just the style that you’re looking for. However, if you only get one, make it ‘Wicked Liquid’. I’m still thinking about that polish.


I got another Halloween review coming up this week, so stay tuned for that! And of course, I gotta get through the rest of these fall collections (whoops). It’s all coming up, so be sure to follow to keep up on it all.


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One thought on “China Glaze ‘Paint it Black’ Halloween 2018 Collection

  1. I couldn’t find these anywhere near by, so sad to have missed out! Ash and Burn is so interesting, I can’t think of any other polish that’s like it. Wicked Liquid and Maliboo-boo also have my heart. Of the mainstream brands, China Glaze feels like the more adventurous, always looking forward to their collections.


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