Sinful Colors ‘Conjured Color’ Halloween 2018 Collection

Right on time for Halloween! I’m not late, I’m right on time, right? This is what I tell myself. And of course, what I always tell you guys is sometimes I get busy. It happens. But here I am with the last Halloween collection review for Halloween.

So lemme get right into it? Take a shot every time I’ve said right this post already.

Honestly, Sinful Colors makes some of my favorite Halloween polishes that I have. They have such unique finishes and aren’t afraid to try something different, so I always look forward to them each year.

These hadn’t come into any Walgreens, but I happened to stumble upon a full display in Meijer when I was at my parents house for a weekend. (Yes, I specifically made sure to go to the Meijer while I was home that weekend to look for polish, is that so wrong. I told my mom that and she said she would have looked for me, what a peach).

There are 4 new shades for this year’s collection, so let’s get right into them!

‘Spellbound’ is a dusty periwinkle shade with subtle pink and green shimmer throughout. The shimmer is pretty subtle, but it gives a nice sparkle to the cream. The first coat was actually pretty sheer, so it will need at least a 2nd. It was pretty well good on the 2nd coat, but don’t over-manipulate it, or you can end up with streaks that will need another coat.

It’s not a traditional Halloween color, but I still love it. A nice spooky periwinkle.


Next is ‘Powerful Potion’. This little sucker was the shade of the bunch that was proving a little harder to find. Luckily for me, it was right in the display when I found all the other colors. This is a nice weird one, and I love a good weird polish.

This is an acid slime green jelly base with tons of smaller iridescent flakies all throughout. This had a sheer first coat, since it is more of a jelly base. The flakies do stand out really strongly against the base. There was still some nail line, and more of a squishy look to it after 2 coats. After 3, I found it was pretty well opaque.

Just look at that weird little green. I’m so here for it, give me the ugly pretty colors.


The first of the 2 sparkly blues is ‘Bad Witch’. This is a deep blue base with lots of blue-green iridescent flakies all throughout. This was another more jelly formula, so the first coat was a little sheer and uneven. A 2nd thicker coat pretty well evened it out and made it opaque. It really goes from 0-100 in opacity, from a sheer jelly coat to this deep dark finish in 2 thicker coats.


Last but not least, we have ‘Witch, Please’. This is a lighter blue jelly base with larger hexagon silver metallic pieces. I did find that the glitters can take a little more placing, as they can sometimes get stuck a little in clumps. Obviously it’s a jelly base, so it’s more sheer – but I do like it so you can really see all of the glitter pieces throughout.

There’s still some nail line after 2 coats, (especially if you have some dark polish underneath your nails like me from swatching other things, professional, I know), so it depends if you like that finish or not.




So spooky aren’t they?  Again, some unique shades to add to my collection. I mean, I will say that these don’t seem to fully scream Halloween to me – except ‘Powerful Potion’. But they’re still fun to wear throughout the year as well.

There were more jelly finishes than I was expecting, and while they aren’t always my favorite, they were opaque, as with ‘Bad Witch’, or thin enough to let the glitter pieces shine through, with ‘Witch, Please’, so I came around and am learning to love them.

Do you like Halloween polishes at all? Have you picked any of these up?



I have a couple more fall collection reviews coming up (hey, it got up to 65 here and the leaves are just now turning colors, so it’s still fall thank you). Stay tuned for lots more makeup and nail polish! (I got a lil bonus so I’ve been treating myself, so that obviously means lots of new reviews for you, it’s a win-win for everyone).

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2 thoughts on “Sinful Colors ‘Conjured Color’ Halloween 2018 Collection

  1. Bad Witch is my favorite! Just can’t stop staring at it. And Powerful Potion is amazing too, looks like a more sparkly version of Curry Up. Gotta love those Shrek green colors :]

    I kind of like that these all aren’t super Halloween-y. Who wouldn’t want to wear a polish called Witch, Please all year long?

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