Essie Fall 2018 Collection

There’s a pile of products on my desk waiting to be reviewed and its about time I got them on the blog! (I got myself a lil bonus at work for my 1 year anniversary so I definitely treated myself to a lot of eyeshadow – it’s all coming up, I promise). There’s also lots of fall nail collections left to be swatched up. I’m still loving fall polishes and they’re all beautiful so who even cares. But of course, holiday collections are already coming out, so I’m ready to get through them all and get onto the sparkle!

But we would never skip right over the fall, since it’s my favorite season. So let’s get into the autumn goodness.

Up first on the docket is the Essie Fall collection! This 6 piece collection is based on NYC! There are 4 creams and 2 super shimmery polishes, so let’s get right into them!

This is the first collection where Essie introduced their new wider brush! On top is the new wide brush and the bottom is the typical skinnier brush they used to have. I love this sort of wide brush since it’s rounded on the edge, so it’s so easy to just paint the nail in one easy swipe. If you have thinner nail beds it can be a little more difficult to control, but I personally loved it. Team #WideBrush2k18.


Now let’s get into the shades. First up are the 4 creams.

‘It Takes a West Village’ is a dusty rosy pink shade. This is great if you’re not looking for the normal deep vampy shades, but just dusty enough that it transitions into fall nicely. This was a smooth, easy 2 coat formula for me. It was honestly pretty well one coat (especially with that new wide brush), but I used a 2nd coat to cover up my ridges.

They’re keeping up with their beautiful cream formulas and I couldn’t be happier.


Next is the star of the show, ‘Fall for NYC’, a nice orangey-mustard yellow. Mustard yellow is all the rage this season and I say gimme em all. I surprisingly loved this shade (and I’m wearing it as a full manicure while typing this). This has more orange to it than a traditional actual mustard yellow, but I love these orangey-yellows.

Another beautiful cream formula that was an easy 2 coats. I’m still finding unique shades to add to my collection!


‘Stop, Drop & Shop’ (I wish, Essie) is a nice traditional raspberry cream shade. Another easy two coat cream shade. I used the 2nd to even out the color a little bit more on this one, but it was still so easy to paint on.


The last of the cream shades is ‘Booties on Broadway’. This a deep navy shade, perfect for your vampy moments of fall. This one was opaque in 1 easy coat. This one was so opaque and pigmented. It was a little messy to remove, so just don’t twist it too much when removing.

I didn’t notice any staining, but I also didn’t have it on super long. It never hurts to put on a base coat with deep colors like this if you’re worried about staining.


Now onto the two stunning shimmery metallics. Both of these were almost foils and they were so pretty.

First up is my fave of the two, ‘Say It Ain’t Soho’, a stunning fiery orange metallic. This just reminds me of falling leaves and oh wow it’s got me feelin some type of way.

This was almost good on 1 coat, but I had some patches and some nail line. But it was covered up very easily with another coat. The brushstrokes pretty well disappear on this one, and just look at it. I can’t. I’m in love.


So fiery.


Last but not least is ‘Empire Shade of Mind’, a nice silvery foil. This one is super cool toned and smokier than other silver metallics I have. (I might just be justifying keeping all the silvery metallics).

This one was definitely opaque in 1 easy coat, a smooth even formula. As you can see, there are more brushstrokes on this one, so just paint straight to avoid as many lines.


Look at that pretty.


So that’s your Essie fall 2018 collection! It’s another collection of beautiful cream formulas – they’ve really stepped it up over the years, and are becoming some of my favorite polishes.

My absolute favorites are definitely ‘Fall For NYC’ and ‘Say It Ain’t Soho’ just because of the unique, leaf-inspired shades. As I’m constantly reviewing all the new mainstream polishes, I always get excited when a truly unique shade comes along.

All of the formulas are great in this collection, so if any of the colors strike your fancy, you won’t be disappointed!


There’s a couple more fall collections coming up on the blog, as well as a lot of new eyeshadow that I’m playing with. So definitely lots of reviews on the way! Stay tuned!


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4 thoughts on “Essie Fall 2018 Collection

  1. That is so great to hear that they have changed their brush! I specifically avoid Essie polishes because of the skinny brush, so that’s awesome. That fiery orange metallic is incredible!

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  2. It blows my mind that Europe has had that paddle brush longer than we have! It’s about dang time we got it 😀

    Say It Ain’t Soho was an instant buy for me… and apparently for everyone else because ever since buying it, I have not seen one bottle left on all the displays I see.

    Liked by 1 person

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