OPI ‘Peru’ Fall 2018 Collection

It’s another fall collection! After having friends down this entire week and weekend, the swatches got a little behind. But on my quiet Sunday, I marathon-swatched all 12 shades. It was just me and the polish, and lord, I’m not ashamed of how much I enjoyed it. This also means the rest of the fall collections will be on the blog this week, and then we’ll be able to get right into holiday collections! It’s still fall until December, that’s what I’m saying.

So let’s get into it. It’s OPI so we got a 12 piece collection to get on through. As always, I pick up my polishes at polishpick.com – I’ve bought from them several times, and they’re always affordable (OPI’s are only $5.75!) and so quick on shipping! Highly recommend, and really the only reason I can afford to swatch all these collections!

This collection is for fall 2018 and is based on Peru. It’s full of 12 cream shades. It’s a long post, so I’ll stop rambling already and get on into it.

My middle nail might look a lil weird and wide – it’s got a cap on it right now because I had a super high break that I need to let grow out. In fact, basically all of my nails on my swatching hand snapped this week, so we’re rocking shorties. The colder weather has already been rough, so time to give some extra TLC to these lil shorties. Don’t talk about it, they’re still sensitive about their new look. But let’s still get into those swatches.

Starting with the lightest shade, this is ‘Machu Peach-u’, a light peachy nude. There were some streaks on the first coat, but it was pretty well good on 2.

If you’ve got some super ridgey nails like me, you might need a 3rd or a thicker 2nd coat to cover them up entirely, but that’s true with any super light shades like this.

OPI – Machu Peach-u

The slightly deeper and more rosy of the nude shades is ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains’ – (I’m really impressed they fit that long name onto the tiny sticker…) This one had a beautiful formula, and could very well be good on 1 thicker coat. I did 2 easy coats here.

OPI – Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains

‘Seven Wonders of OPI’ is a light, more purple toned pinky shade. This is more cool toned than the first two nudes. This one had a thinner 1st coat, and needed at least 2. Again, if you have ridged nails, you’ll need at least 2, but it was another smooth formula.

OPI – Seven Wonders of OPI

‘Lima Tell You About This Color!’ is a nice traditional bubblegum pink. Another easy cream formula. This was 2 easy coats, maybe 3 to cover up some ridges.

OPI – Lima Tell You About this Color!

‘Suzi Will Quecha Later’ is a more cool-toned pink shade. This has a touch of purple to it as well, but is a lot brighter and more pink than ‘Seven Wonders of OPI’. This was a little streaky on the 1st coat, but was easily evened out on 2 coats.

OPI – Suzi Will Quecha Later!

Now we get into the more red-toned shades. This is ‘My Solar Clock is Ticking’. This has been a fan favorite of the collection, and I have to agree. This is a gorgeous dusty terracotta shade that’s right in between red and orange. This had an absolutely stunning formula as well, and was pretty much opaque with 1 easy coat. So pretty, and perfect for fall.

OPI – My Solar Clock is Ticking

‘I Love You Just Be-Cusco’ is a traditional cherry red shade. It has a great first coat, and it’s pretty smooth and pretty well opaque. There were just a few uneven patches. A 2nd coat evened out any last patches, as well as deepening the color on the nails.

OPI – I Love You Just Be-Cusco

Up next is ‘Como Se Llama?’ (I’m confused on this one. Do they want it pronounced as llama, like the animal, for a good joke? Or as “yama” like it is in Spanish, which is how you ask someone’s name? Where does the pun end and actual Spanish begin? I digress.)

‘Como Se Llama?’ is deeper and more rusty than ‘I Love You Just Be-Cusco’ above. There were some uneven patches after the 1st coat, but a 2nd coat completely evened it out and deepened the color as well. Another perfect fall shade.

OPI – Como Se Llama?

‘My Condor Can-do’ is a deeper brown-toned purple shade. It has a good 1st coat. A 2nd coat evens out any streaks leftover and again deepens the color more. It also changes the color to more of the brown-purple tone that you see in the bottle.

OPI – Yes My Condor Can-do

Now onto the last 3 shades, of blue and purple.

First up is a beautiful dusty blue shade called ‘Alpaca My Bags’. This reminds me of ‘Check Out the Old Gey-sirs’ from last year’s fall collection, but this one is much dustier and without the blue shimmer.

This was almost more of a crelly formula, so it will need at least 2 coats to cover the nail line. But it was still an easy 2 coat formula, and had more of a squishy finished look to it. I just love the dustiness of this.


‘Don’t Toot My Flute’ is a bright lilac shade. This had a little more of a sheer first coat. But overall, like the others it evened out and was opaque in 2 easy coats.


Last but certainly not least, we have ‘Grandma Kissed a Gaucho’. This is a super squishy bright purple shade. This is another crelly formula, so it had a very sheer first coat. I ended up doing 3 coats for this one to build up the color.

I’ll be honest, the formula wasn’t my absolute favorite, since it was so sheer and really had to be built up, but that end color is stunning. And I do love that squishy look to it. So it’s a trade off. Labor of love.


So that’s your OPI Fall 2018 collection! It’s full of some nice cream formulas that are great to add into your collection. I get they may be a little boring, but I think they’re great staples if you want to build up a collection.

My favorites are ‘My Solar Clock is Ticking’ and ‘Alpaca My Bags’, just for the more unique colors. I’m a sucker for some dusty shades. And for a good OPI cream formula.

Do any shades catch your eye here? Are you picking any up??


And of course, coming up next is the China Glaze fall collection! It’s the last one before we go into full blown holiday polish mode! I don’t accept Christmas music before December 1st, but I’ll accept sparkly holiday green polish in November. It makes perfect sense, I swear.

Stay tuned for lots more reviews!

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    • It’s the best price online I’ve found for OPI’s! And it’s how I can afford this crazy nail collecting I’ve decided to do! 😀 And can’t beat Marshall’s prices of course, but if you don’t want to wait, it’s always an option.

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